The Drudgeon reviews Werewolves On Wheels

Werewolves On Wheels 80 min., 1971
Written by David M. Kaufman/Michel Levesque
Directed by Michel Levesque
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

Oobla-boobla, oobla-doobla, bride of Satan…?

* * *

The story begins with a bunch of bikers, the Devils’ Advocates, riding around and doing biker things: messing with people, riding their bikes, drinking, smoking, sex, etc. As they are moving along they end up in an area where they are surrounded by a bunch of “monks” in robes, holding bread and wine. They partake in the sustenance and end up passing out. Next comes a nice nude dance number where Ellie is moving around with a snake and then without the snake. The dance around the fire is really nicely done, sometimes hot and sometimes really disturbing (almost like she is having a seizure). Then the bikers wake up and rush the (now known as) Satanists. A fight ensues…if you really want to call it a fight, because all of the robed ones just fall after one punch, knock down the other ones like they are dominoes, and they don’t even get back up. The only thing that they do is “mark” some of the bikers. The bikers leave and they are back on the road like nothing ever happened. The next night two of them are killed by and unknown “claw.” This continues until the end, which is nicely done. Actually it is a really awesome end.

Being in the age of CGI and huge-budget movies, the effects of the movie are really good for the time and budget. The way that the “claw” attacks are done are really the best. They show the strike and then the blood spray as the faces fall towards the screen. The change into the werewolves is done rather well, in that, their heads are down and they look up for a second to show some change, and then they look down again, and repeat. Not too much effects in total but what’s there is really at it best.

The acting is really a strong and weak point in the movie. Some will say that it sucked because they weren’t acting all that well, while others will say that they underplayed their parts. The truth is, is that most of them were really just bikers with no acting skill and they were just doing what they normally do. When you see them on the road, riding around, you really get a feel that they have been doing this for years, something that most modern movies are lacking.

The few problems are in the continuity. After the dance and “fight,” no one really thinks twice about what just happened. When people are killed, they just kinda move on and go about their day. The bikers being like brothers disappears when someone dies, which is just plain strange.

In the end, the movie is a whole lot of fun. It takes quite a long time for the werewolves to show, but when they do it is really a fun showdown. Don’t look for cinema gold in this, but look at it for its different take on the werewolf phenomena. All around: just a simple good time, a great naked dance number, and an awesome ending.

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