The Drudgeon reviews Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Episdoe 005 – Never Kill A Boy On The First Date

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Episode 005 - Never Kill A Boy On The First Date 45 min., 1997
Written by Rob Des Hotel/Dean Batali
Directed by David Semel
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

Nice twist, better acting, but a lot less caring.

* * *

Back in the world of Buffy, we start with Buffy fighting a vampire in the graveyard, and after the vampire is killed, Giles comes out from behind a grave and critiques Buffy on her handiwork. The next day Buffy meets a guy named Owen, and she falls for him. Giles has just read about a prophecy that states, “Five will die, and from the ashes the anointed one shall rise.” Buffy wants to go on a date with Owen, but Giles says that they need to check out this prophecy. They wait and nothing happens, so Giles lets her go to the Bronze, where she sees Owen dancing with Cordelia. Buffy gets sad. Awww.

Later that night, there is an attack on a bus of people where five people die. Giles tells Buffy, but she just wants to go on an actual date with Owen. Giles in turn goes to check out what happened by himself. While on her date, Angel shows up telling her to check it out herself, and Willow and Zander show up as well with the same suggestion. Buffy tells Owen to go home but she will be back, because she really does like him. They all converge, a fight ensues and Buffy defeats another vampire. Thinking that was the anointed one, they go about their business, and then it is revealed that it wasn’t.

The acting is definitely moving in a better direction, as they all seem to fall into their characters relatively easy this time around. They seem less confused with their characters’ motivations at this point, which helps to show that the writers are also getting used to them as well.

The story is really nothing new, but the way they pull off the ending is really nice. A bit of a twist to a common story is good to see every once in awhile. The other half is about Buffy and her wanting a bit of a normal life, which is very understandable. Being the Slayer and having to always be on guard and consistently looking over your shoulder must really get into someone’s head and make them grab for any bit of normal they can find.

One of the major flaws so far, is (again) Buffy really seems to get emotional when someone she cares about is getting attacked, but when it’s some no-name, she just doesn’t have the same amount of emotion, almost to the point of not caring. I find this kind of weird since she is supposed to be the protector of all mankind, but she is very picky about whom she really tries to help or fight hard for. I really don’t know if I even want to be in the same room as these people for fear of them not caring if I live or die, but their dates are the center of the world.

Favorite Quote
Buffy: “If the apocalypse comes, beep me.”

Worst Quote
Buffy: “You could have told me that 90% ago.”

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