The Drudgeon reviews Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Episode 008 – I, Robot…You, Jane

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Episode 008 - I, Robot...You, Jane 45 min., 1997
Written by Ashley Gable/Thomas A. Swyden
Directed by Stephen Posey
Language: English
My rating: ★★

Snore…Willow has emotions…snore

* * *

The episode starts in the past, with a demon being trapped in a book. Jump forward to good ol’ Sunnydale, where Buffy finds the book in a box. It gets handed to Willow who is scanning books into a computer. A little later Willow starts having a relationship with someone online named Malcolm. Buffy and Xander starts to get worried about Willow, as she only wants to spend time online. As it turns out it is a demon called Moloch the Corrupter, said demon that was trapped in the book. After being scanned into the computer, he was transferred to the computer. Buffy and crew doing things to save the day, and all is well.

Well it’s about time we see Willow have some passion about something. For the most part, she is always just there and not really showing any emotion, just a quirky attitude. Putting her in an episode where she can show some emotions is nice to see.

Everything else about the episode kinda falls into the category of normal Buffy episode. Taking forever to figure anything out, overreacting to the smallest of things and then not really caring about the bigger thing. Okay episode I guess.

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