The Drudgeon reviews Skinned Deep

Skinned Deep 97 min., 2004
Written by Gabriel Bartalos
Directed by Gabe Bartalos
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

Plates Vs. Shakes—Place Your Bets

* * *

The movie begins with an old man driving down a road, when he is suddenly attacked by a man with a giant bear trap for a mouth. We then switch to a family of four driving as well, when a trap in the road pops their tire. They end up with a family of psychos consisting of Plates, Surgeon General, Brain and their mother. The two families make some nice chitchat until the normal family is attacked, and all are killed except Tina. You see Brain really likes Tina and wants to keep her. Then a tough as nails biker gang called The Ancient Ones shows up and then leaves. There is more with Tina and Brain, and then more with the bikers, and then there is the end.

Now don’t get me wrong about this movie, it is a pretty bad movie overall, but my god is it a blast. The acting is just some of the worst that I’ve seen, but it works perfectly within the realm of this movie. Everyone was taking the movie just way too seriously or not taking it serious at all. Both of which fit the whole feel of the movie.

The effects are actually, at times, some really good ones. Now I’m not saying that they are on the level as modern movies, but they would easily fit into the late ’80s and early ’90s. It does seem that’s where this movie belongs. Its effects work just well enough to enjoy and just bad enough to be able to poke fun at. Don’t forget to check out the CG plates during the truck chase scene, just plain awesome.

The strangest thing about the movie is the budget, or the lack of budget. At first glance, the movie looks like no money was put toward it, but as the movie progresses, there had to have been a shit ton of money plugged into it. As the movie moves along, there just seems to be more and more props used. Then you get to the almost final confrontation, which is just filled to the brim with special effects and a crazy amount of props. So it, at first it seems that there is now budget, but I actually think they had a pretty decent budget and it’s just hard to notice how it was used.

This movie is only for the fans that just want to have fun, there is no morality tale here and there is no substance to be found, just a bunch of craziness that piles on top more craziness until the credits roll. This is purely just for people who enjoy bad movies that are meant to be bad and nothing more.

Stick around till after the credits, which are just awesome, for a little surprise.

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