The Drudgeon reviews Freddy’s Dead – The Final Nightmare

Freddy's Dead - The Final Nightmareaka A Nightmare on Elm Street 6 – Freddy’s Dead
89 min., 1991
Written by Michael De Luca
Directed by Rachel Talalay
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

Over-the-top fun!

* * *

Our movie begins ten years after number five, with a teen having a crazy dream. Being told that he is the last, he is trying to escape from Springwood, Ohio (which is where the Nightmare series takes place). He is hit by a bus, driven by Freddy, which knocks him out of Springwood. When he lands he hits his head on a rock, causing him to lose his memory. Next we meet the rest of the potential victims, Tracy (Lezlie Deane), who was sexually abused by her father; Spencer (Breckin Meyer), a stoner who just wants some attention from his parents; and Carlos (Ricky Dead Logan), who had is hearing destroyed by his mom, with a Q-Tip. They are all at shelter for troubled kids with their caseworker, Maggie (Lisa Zane). The three decide to leave the shelter and take off, ending up in Springwood and at 1428 where they try to spend the night.


The acting is actually a lot more acceptable in this movie than most of the series. Lisa Zane plays a great heroine, and works as a great counter to Robert Englund, who is (big surprise) just great as Freddy. Breckin Meyer and Ricky Dean Logan are great as kids who are, for the most part, left behind by their parents. Breckin is the perfect stoner and Ricky plays a deaf kid really well.

Almost all of the effects work in favor of the movie, truly top notch. From the little, to the major, they are almost all great.

Camera work deserves a big mention for this one. The camera usage is great; it’s smart, fun and actually quite inventive at times.

The story deserves big thumbs up, as we finally get to see more about Freddy and his past. Unlike other killers where their past is shown, Freddy is still an asshole. Yeah, his classmates pick him on, but that’s because he is crushing a hamster with a mallet. No sympathy for Freddy, he’s just a really bad guy, even as a child, and loves to kill.


Lezlie Deane deserves an award for overacting. She is so over the top that she comes off as an actor that wouldn’t even make it in a 3rd grade play. Terrible!

The only effects that don’t really work are, of course, the 3-D (even with the glasses). For the most part I find that 3-D is just a gimmick that is used to try and drag a series out of the crapper. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. In this case there are some cool moments, but overall it’s just dumb. Stick to the 2-D version.

Watch this one with a big bucket of popcorn and expect a fun ride. Don’t look for actual scares or gore (there really isn’t any), but just enjoy the effects and the story (or backstory) and remember to stick around for the credits, as there is a great music video montage (montage, montage) of Freddy throughout the years.

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