The Drudgeon reviews ThanksKilling

ThanksKilling 66 min., 2009
Written by Jordan Downey/Brad Schulz/Kevin Stewart/Anthony Wilson/Grant Yaffee
Directed by Jordan Downey
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

Holy Shit!! What a good time!!

* * *

The movie begins with…TITS!!! It starts with a pilgrim whose shirt has come open and is running from something. That something turns out to be a turkey with a tomahawk. We then jump forward to modern times where we meet the main characters. They are the clichés that we have come to know and love. The nerd, slut, good girl, jock and the hick, and they love the roles they are in. What happens next is a cluster fuck of a good time. A girl getting raped by a turkey, a musical montage, a face skinning, a book reading montage and a scene where the sheriff is dressed like a turkey and a turkey is “dressed” like a human and they have a nice chat.

Everything about this movie is just for fun. The acting is hammy, and it is done on purpose, so it works. The effects are just rotten, again on purpose, so it works. The dialogue, the story, the beginning, middle, and end…it’s just all terrible, but in the best way possible. I laughed so hard, that I actually started to cry, it was that much fun. I have a feeling that the sequel will be even better than this.

Troma has nothing on this movie. They have taken the Troma formula and took out all of the crap that most of the movies suffer from and tossed in everything that Troma is missing from their movies. Troma should just stop and let these guys take over.

Go and watch this movie! It is a true blast to watch. It has some of the best lines since the Nightmare On Elm Street series. Just awesome!! Nothing left to say.

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