The Drudgeon reviews Atom Age Vampire

Atom Age Vampireaka Seddok, L’erede Di Satana (Original Title)
87 min., 1960
Written by Piero Monviso/Gino De Sanctis/Alberto Bevilacqua/Anton Giulio Majano
Directed by Anton Giulio Majano
Language: English
My rating: ★★

A good classic horror movie, simple as that (but no actual vampires to be seen)

* * *

The story begins with a dancer/stripper/singer named Jeanette (Susanne Loret) whose boyfriend breaks up with her. She chases him after a little crying and ends up getting into an auto accident. In the accident she got scarred and feels really bad about herself, almost to the point of killing herself. That’s when a mysterious woman appears in her room and tells her that she has a potential cure. We meet the two doctors better, Professor Alberto Levin (Alberto Luop) and Franca (Monique Riviere) and their servant/helper, Pierre (Sergio Fantoni). They have been using a special drug, Derma 28, to heal extremely bad wounds to the tissue. She goes to seek treatment and that’s when the weird stuff goes down.

The acting is pretty bad in this movie. Everyone is overacting and everyone is just trying too hard. The way that they spit out the dialogue and the way they throw themselves around every time they have to move from point A to point B just get annoying.

The other bad thing is the music. Well I shouldn’t say bad, just confusing. The soundtrack jumps from great to terrible from scene to scene. Sometimes the music helps to propel the scene and sometimes it destroys the scene with nonsense music that just doesn’t fit.

The effects are okay, especially for the times. By today’s standards they are complete crap, but if you can get away from that, you can actually enjoy them for what they are, just okay.

This is a great example of a mad scientist movie where there is no monster, except for the scientist himself. He fall in love while trying to help Jeanette and starts to go mad trying to save her beautiful looks, to the point of killing people. The transition from calm doc to mad lunatic is done with great care. First you just think he’s in love, they you start to realize that it’s more than that.

Good movie worth checking out. Don’t expect anything great, but enjoy it for what it is.  A good black and white popcorn movie that can show how much love can fuck with people.

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