The Drudgeon reviews Santo En El Tesoro De Drácula

Santo En El Tesoro De Dráculaaka Santo And Dracula’s Treasure
81 min., 1969
Written by Alfredo Salazar
Directed by René Cardona
Language: Spanish
My rating: ★★

I just don’t know what to say!

* * *

Well Santo begins with Santo going to a meeting and talking about something, then he goes and talks about time travel through alternate lives. He then talks about how it is better for a woman to do the time travel, when his assistant says that she will do it. There is a bit of back and forth between Santo and his assistant, which ends in Santo giving in. She travels back in time to where she was almost a slave to Dracula. You see, she has gone back to find out about Dracula’s treasure. Almost at the time of her being turned, she is dragged back to modern time. Oh, I forgot, Santo has a TV screen that can see into the past, because he is Santo. After all of that, they find part of what’s needed and an evil ninja Shriner has the other half. So it comes down to a wrestling match, of course.

There isn’t much that I can say to anyone about this movie to make anyone truly understand how much fun this movie is because of its absurdity, like most superhero movies. Most people just won’t get anything about this movie, but will turn around and watch Batman or The X-Men and think nothing is funny or absurd about it. When both teeter on the same level of weirdness. All are costumed superheroes that walk around in costumes and do crazy odd things like time travel and fight strange monsters. So, why is it so strange when it’s a luchador? I think it’s because it’s from a different country and when people see superheroes from other countries they just can’t seem to take them serious, because they are something that they haven’t grown up with.

With that being said, I must admit that it is hard to take this movie serious. Everything about it is just over the top. The acting is hammy and the effects, what little there is, are really bad, but sometimes that’s what makes a movie a lot of fun. You take a really odd plot that has about a dozen different plots shoved into the one, toss in a wrestling match and a few, pretty bad, fight scenes and you come up with plain craziness. Craziness that takes some getting used to, but fun nonetheless.

Now…would I suggest this to most horror fans…much less anyone? No. I wouldn’t suggest this movie to about 99% of the population. Most people just won’t get or even remotely like anything that happens in the movie. I would only suggest this movie to people who drink (heavily) during movies or get high during movies.  So watch at your own risk.

Biggest Fail

Santo never fights Dracula.

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