The Drudgeon reviews Evil Dead II

Evil Dead IIaka Evil Dead 2 – Dead By Dawn
85 min., 1987
Written by Sam Raimi/Scott Spiegel
Directed by Sam Raimi
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

One of the best sequels ever!!!!!

* * *

Ash and his girlfriend are back at the cabin, where she gets possessed and then beheaded by Ash. Then Ash gets possessed and starts to go a little mad. Meanwhile we have four new people to add into the mix. Annie (Sarah Berry), who is the daughter of the cabin owners, Ed (Richard Domeier), who is Annie’s partner, Jake (Danny Hicks), who is the local red neck, and his girlfriend(?) Bobby Jo (Kassie Wesley). They show up at the cabin and Annie goes apeshit when she sees blood and wonders where her mother is. Everyone finally realizes what’s going on after they listen to the reel to reel, and realize that Ash has not killed her family. Her mother starts to torment everyone and people start to get ripped apart.

The acting is okay in the movie, with everyone doing a good job and pulling off his or her character with great believability. The true standout, with out surprise, is Bruce Campbell. This time around he has really taken hold of the role, wrestled it to the ground and made it his own. Unlike the way he seemed to be holding back in The Evil Dead, he has no problem with going over the top. It really helps to bring people into the world of Ash’s madness and truly enjoy it.

The effects are truly above and beyond the previous movie. Everything has been taken to the next level and has been improved upon. The buckets of blood really fly without care, to the point that someone being killed is more like a body being hit with a fire hose filled with blood that shoots through the body and into the face of everyone else.

The camera work is, again, some of the best that has been done in a while. The use of angles is just great and helps to heighten everything that happens. When Ash is going crazy, the extreme close ups help to blow everything out of proportion and show the madness through his eyes. A room of everything laughing at him is just helped with the camera jumping almost to close to everything and quickly jumping to something else that is going crazy.

Now this is a prime example of a movie that every horror movie should go out and watch. Truly required viewing for any horror fan. If you haven’t seen this yet, go out and watch it this weekend.

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  1. zeb says:

    Bruce has taken the character in the 3 films to totally different places. in 1 he was more reserved but still a classic, in 2 he let loose and owned the character and in (3) Army of Darkness he went full blood bravado. love the series but 2 his the mark for me. If i were in the hole with you Drudgeon you would get a high 5 for the review.

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