The Drudgeon’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Season 1 Wrap-Up

Buffy the Vampire SlayerThe season as a whole was nothing to talk to anyone about, other than the bad acting, the terrible effects and the complete lack of any form of logic. The only real positives of the show is some of the makeup is really good and some of the surprises that creep up in one or two episodes, but that’s really about it.

Episode 001 – Welcome To The Hellmouth: Not the best beginning, but curious where it will go. Bad cliffhanger.

Episode 002 – The Harvest: Not really moving anywhere, except that no one notices or cares about anyone even when killed.

Episode 003 – Witch: More strange shit happens that no one remembers.

Episode 004 – Teacher’s Pet: Crazy teacher that can’t act, people die and more shit that no one remembers.

Episode 005 – Never Kill A Boy On The First Date: Buffy tries to date and finds the gayest man to like.

Episode 006 – The Pack: Xander shines and everyone else falls flat, and more people die that no one remembers.

Episode 007 – Angel: Angel…Oh Boy

Episode 008 – I, Robot…You, Jane: Demons in machines, really? More people die and no one cares.

Episode 009 – The Puppet Show: Homage to the movie Magic, with a good twist. Oh yeah, more people die.

Episode 010 – Nightmares: Lame nightmares played more for laughs than anything else.

Episode 011 – Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight: Invisible girl beats up people. People get beat bloody and no cops are called.

Episode 012 – Prophecy Girl:  Buffy dies, comes back and kills the Master. Thank God! More people die.

Why too many people die in this show and no one seems to notice or care. If I were a parent of a student of that school, I’d have them change schools. I think most parents would. Friends kill friends and don’t even bat an eyelash, that just tells me how strong their friendships really mean to each other. I also wonder how the hell the Bronze is still open, as quite a few people where killed there as well and with all of the property damage that takes place.

Now people tell me that Buffy doesn’t get really good until either Season 2 or 3, but I ask the question: Why should I sit through a season or two of shit just to get to the good stuff. Most people wouldn’t eat a burger on a shit bun, because you have to eat the bun to get to the good stuff right. I just don’t understand how or why this show actually went on to be as big as a hit as it is. Maybe season 2 or 3 will open my eyes…Let’s hope.

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