The Drudgeon reviews Army Of Darkness

Army Of Darknessaka Bruce Campbell Vs. Army of Darkness, Evil Dead 3
96 min., 1992
Written by Sam Raimi/Ivan Raimi
Directed by Sam Raimi
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

Good movie, but sketchy in some spots

* * *

Our movie begins with a recap of Evil Dead II and takes place right after Ash (Bruce Campbell) gets sucked into the portal and lands back in medieval times. He is captured and taken to Lord Arthur’s (Marcus Gilbert) castle with Henry the Red (Richard Grove) and his men, who are also prisoners. He gets tossed into pit that has deadites, where he fights them and escapes. He lets Henry the Red go and starts trying to figure out how to get home (with help, of course).  He has to get the Necronomicon and bring it back and that can get him back to his own time. Craziness ensues consisting of Ash getting a piece from a woman named Sheile (Embeth Davidtz), a bunch of little Ashes running around, Ash having to deal with not one, but three Necronomicons, and fighting an evil version of himself.

Sometimes having a bigger budget can actually hurt a movie, and this is proof. Now don’t get me wrong, I really do like this movie, but it seems that Sam Rami tried to change the concept of the movies by bringing it to a massive scale. Everything is bigger and grander than the last two movies and you lose a feel for what they were about. Now we have a castle and a giant army of skeletons, when before it was the confinement of a little cabin, an endless maze of forest and you friends turning on you. Now there is no real feel of being trapped, which was helpful in the first two movies, and it seems to have gone from being true horror to being more of a fantasy/comedy with a bit of horror themes tossed in.

The acting is top notch with Bruce doing the best of the bunch. He really has a hand (pun intended) on comedic acting and is great a physical comedy. Everyone else is good as well, Marcus pulls off Arthur with ease and Embeth plays the damsel turned to bitch perfectly.

The effects are where the movie actually falls short. Some of the effects look like there were rejected from the first Evil Dead and then shoved into this movie, making some of the movie look very amateurish. Some of the effects are great, but most just look very out of place.

This is a good ending to the trilogy, but falls short on a few levels. Should people watch it?  Yes! It is a fun movie with great acting, good effects, a very funny storyline and some really awesome quotes. So check it out when you can.

Spoiler Below

The ending is the last thing I will speak about. There are two different endings for the movie. The original has Ash waking up in the far future, after the apocalypse. The theatrical ending has Ash returning to his normal time and going back to work for S-Mart. The choice in ending is really up to the viewer. I like both, but if I really have to choose, I’d go with the Apocalypse ending, only because with all of the fucking up that Ash has done, that is what would happen to him and it fits as a better ending. The down side to that ending is that there would be no expanded universe for Ash, and that the comics that pick up where the S-Mart ending leaves off wouldn’t fit into the Ashiverse. I really enjoy the comics and love where Ash has gone since Army Of Darkness, but I would still say that the original ending is more fitting to Ash and the mistakes he is accustomed to making.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    Honestly, I haven’t really cared for most of the comics. There are some good moments, but a lot of it kinda’ sucks. The worst of the bunch, however, was when Obama guest-starred in a mini-series. I’m glad the trend of using Obama in comic books finally died off. It’s a stupid concept, and I blame SPIDER-MAN for starting it.

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