The Drudgeon reviews Vampire In Brooklyn

Vampire In Brooklynaka Wes Craven’s Vampire In Brooklyn
100 min., 1995
Written by Eddie Murphy/Vernon Lynch/Charlie Murphy/Michael Lucker/Christopher Parker
Directed by Wes Craven
Language: English
My rating: ★★

Again the ghoul is better than the vampire

* * *

The story begins with two guys, Silas Green (John Witherspoon) and Julius (Kadeem Hardison) watching TV as a boat starts to bust through a bunch of other ships and ends up crashing into the building that they are in. Julius takes off and leaves Silas to check out the boat. It’s full of bodies and then he is “attacked” by a wolf. Which he sees its shadow turn into a human and walk away. Enter Maximillan (Eddie Murphy) who is a vampire that is looking for a half human half vampire, because if he doesn’t, he will die after the next full moon. Maximillan follows Julius and turns him into a ghoul, and finds out that the half-vampire half-human is named Rita Veder (Angela Bassett). So the chase begins.

The acting is all around pretty flat. Everyone seems to be taking none of this seriously and his or her performances turn up very flat. Then there is Kadeem Hardision who plays Julius with so much enjoyment, that you are always looking at him for what he is going to be doing next. Which is a problem because everyone else falls into the background and is almost completely forgotten about. The only other one that almost stands toe to toe with him is John Witherspoon, who turns out a great performance. Eddie Murphy does a surprisingly good job in the non-comedic role, but he still seems to be holding back. Angela Bassett is probably one of the worst actresses that I’ve ever seen and you is just plain creepy to look at.

The effects are okay at best, but again it seems like no one really cares about details and most of the effects are just adequate. Blah!

As a whole, the movie is just okay. Kadeem is definitely whom you need to pay attention to, well, you don’t need to, you’ll just end up being pulled to and he really does make it worth at least one watch. Just don’t look for anything else in the movie and when ever the scene is focused on Angela Bassett, just get up and get something to drink.

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