The Drudgeon reviews May

May 93 min., 2002
Written by Lucky McKee
Directed by Lucky McKee
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

I remember being like May

* * *

We meet May as a little girl, and she has a lazy eye. They get her an eyepatch for it and as usual, the kids at school make fun of her. Her mom gives her a doll to be her friend, but she can’t take it out of the glass case that it’s in. We fast forward to her as an adult (Angela Bettis) and she is getting a set of contacts that will set her lazy eye straight. She is working at a vet’s office with a girl named Polly (Anna Faris), but is extremely shy and award. While walking around she sees a man named Adam (Jeremy Sisto) and falls in love with him. We watch as she tries to approach him and how she finally get to know him, but then things start to go wrong.

To start off with, I have to say that Angela Bettis is crazy good at playing the awkward and completely alone person who grew up with pretty much no friends and doesn’t know how to interact with anyone. It really brings me back to my childhood and almost makes me cry every time I see it. So many people say that they know what it’s like to be alone while in high school, but most don’t understand how it is to really be alone, and May is the perfect example of someone who is truly alone.

The rest of the cast play the parts so well, you forget that they are acting, and get sucked into their lives. Jeremy Sisto plays Adam perfectly, as the guy who thinks that he is an outsider and that he thinks that he is so weird, but when he sees how May acts, he realizes that he is the normal one. Anna Faris finally shows that she can act and now just play the same comedic role that she is always in.

This is really a movie that hits all of the high notes and holds you until the end. All parts are played on an expert level and the effects are done great and not too over the top. This is just an all around great movie and everyone should watch it.

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