The Drudgeon reviews Jaws 2

Jaws 2aka Jaws II
117 min., 1978
Written by Carl Gottlieb/Howard Sackler
Directed by Jeannot Szwarc
Language: English
My rating: ★★

It’s just okay

* * *

Our story begins with two divers finding the boat, Orca, from the first movie. While looking in the boat they are attacked by a shark. We then jump to a ribbon-cutting ceremony where Martin and Ellen Brody (Roy Scheider and Lorraine Gary) are attending. We also see that Larry Vaughn (Murray Hamilton) is also back from the first movie. We later meet Martin and Ellen’s kids, little Sean and older Mike. Mike is into boating with his friends and Sean likes to tag along. We jump to a skier getting attacked and then the boat driver doing something really stupid. Martin thinks that the shark, or another shark, is doing this, and, of course, Larry doesn’t believe him again.

The strangest thing about this movie is that Roy Scheider seems to act better in this one. I mean, everything else is pretty subpar, but his acting is more flushed out and isn’t as over-the-top as the first. He pulls off a very convincing character in this one. Everyone else is okay, with the worst being Lorraine Gary. She seems to have forgotten how to act, and is just reading lines this time around, which is just sad.

My main problem with this movie is the music. Yes it is John Williams and I really do like most of his music. I even like the music in this movie, but it shouldn’t be in this movie. The music is way to upbeat, even during the tension spots. Every time the music starts, you forget that you’re watching a horror movie, and you think you’re watching a Disney film. It could have worked well, if it wasn’t for the fact that, even when the shark was attacking it was still very upbeat. Major fail on the music.

The other problem is that every shot is dragged out way to long. The beach shots of people enjoying themselves feels like it takes 10 minutes. When they are having a water balloon fight while on their boats, it feels like another 10 minutes. Everything is just way top drawn out.

The last thing is the deaths…because there are almost none!!! I think, maybe, 4 people died by shark. You have one woman being attacked on a boat, and what does she do?? She grabs a gas can, which she accidentally pours on her self, and then she grabs a flare gun and fires it. Holy shit!!! How stupid can you be!

It’s nice that this movie picks up about 4 years after the original, and we see where everybody is. But everything is just too slow or too happy to be a really enjoyable horror movie.

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