The Drudgeon reviews TerrorVision

TerrorVision 85 min., 1986
Written by Ted Nicolaou
Directed by Ted Nicolaou
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

One of the best What the Fuck movies ever

* * *

You see Stanley Putterman (Gerrit Graham) is getting a new satellite dish put in, but the problem is, aliens have been sending their bad “things” out into space, and his dish has just picked up some bad news. His money-loving wife Raquel (Mary Woronov), 80’s cliché daughter Suzy (Diane Franklin), military-loving son Sherman (Chad Allen) and crazy military-loving grandpa (Bert Remsen) are all in the house when the shit starts to go crazy. This thing shows up on a channel as they are flipping through, and after a little bit of swinging by the parents, it pops from the TV and starts to eat some of them. Who will save them? The other alien Spiro (Alejandro Rey) who is trying to talk to them, Medusa (Jennifer Richards) the big boobed host of a horror show, or maybe O.D. (Jon Gries) who is Suzy’s TOTALLY METAL boyfriend (Yeah! Air Guitar!).

I could go into the acting, or the special effects, the storyline, the weird ass house that the family lives in, or even the completely terrible parenting that goes on, but why? I think you should just witness it for yourself. Most of the craziness that goes on is how the characters interact with each other, and that is something you need to see (it’s almost maddening how odd they are). Who the parents pick up when they go swinging is even better then you can possibly imagine. Seeing five heads in a bed is something you just have to see for yourself. Then there is the ending, great, just great.

Now I could lie to you and tell you that this movie is completely awesome and that you should go and watch it. But as I said, I’d be lying. I love this movie and think that it’s a blast to watch, but most (when I say most I really mean average) people will look at it and think that it’s complete garbage, and they’d be right, and wrong. If you take the movie for what it is and not look for any deep meaning, you will have a great time. Sit back and watch a completely What the Fuck movie that you won’t likely forget.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    There was one thing this movie lacked: Don Opper. Then again, I think every movie needs a spoonful of Opper.

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