The Drudgeon reviews Phenomena

Phenomenaaka Creepers
1985 min., 1985
Written by Dario Argento/Franco Ferrini
Directed by Dario Argento
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

Argento’s at it again, sigh.

* * *

A girl named Vera (Fiore Argento) has just missed her bus and gets left behind in the middle of nowhere. So she decides to go to the nearest house and look for help. She enters and is then attacked by someone. She runs but is finally killed. We then jump and meet Jennifer Corvino (Jennifer Connelly) and find out that she really likes insects. She is going to a school for girls and is put in a room with Sophie (Federica Mastroianni). As they bond we find out that Jennifer’s mom left her and her dad. They fall asleep and Jennifer starts to sleepwalk, but she wakes up in time to see Sophie getting killed. She starts to run away, and, of course, she gets lost. Enter the true star of the movie, Inga! You see Inga is Professor John McGregor’s (Donald Pleasence) monkey assistant, as he is confined to a wheelchair. Thru talking, they think that Jennifer has a telepathic link (I think she’s more of an empath) to insects and that could be helpful in finding the killer. Who can the killer be? The professor who can’t walk? No? Jennifer herself? No? The monkey? No? Henry the mild-mannered janitor? Could be?

The acting of the movie is just okay. Jennifer Connelly plays her character good enough, but she could have done an even better job if there was a bit more effort put into it. Donald Pleasence plays the same as he always does. Over the top. It works for him just as it wouldn’t work for most others. He does good, as does everyone else, but I wish there was a little bit more emotion and a little less line reading.

Effects are just great…well for the time at least. Most of the gore is good and makes for some great watching, especially the maggots. Every movie should have some maggots. I mean EVERY movie should have maggots. Just imagine watching Angelina Jolie getting a bucket of maggots thrown in her face. That would just be awesome. Maggots for everyone!!!!!!

The main problem with most, if not all, of Argento’s movies, is the lack of logical story. The plot always takes a back seat to the flashy and beautiful camera work. I mean, the work behind the camera is brilliant, but is it worth the loss of plot? Most of the time, no. Should you watch this, or any of his work? Yes! They are definitely worth a watch and a lot of up-and-coming directors should take notes on how to make great use of the camera.

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