The Drudgeon reviews Massacre In Dinosaur Valley

Massacre In Dinosaur Valleyaka Nudo E Selvaggio (Original Title), Cannibal Ferox II
89 min., 1985
Written by Michael E. Lemick
Directed by Michael E. Lemick
Language: English
My rating: ★★

Just another cannibal movie…or is it?

* * *

The story begins with Professor Pedro Ibañez (Leonid Bayer) and his daughter Eva (Susane Carvall) in a bus. We next meet Kevin (Michael Sopkiw), the American dinosaur bone hunter, who is a fan of the Professor. Well the Professor and a few other people are going to Dinosaur Valley and Kevin really wants to go there, because it’s supposed to be a gold mine of dinosaur bones. But before they can go on the flight, there has to be a fight and then there has to be some sex. After that, they get on the plane and start to fly. We then meet the rest of the people who are going to die. Did I say die? I meant, who we will get to know. We have two models, Monica (Gloria Cristal) and Belinda (Susie Hahn), and their photographer José (Joffrey Soares), crazy war vet Captain John Heinz (Milton Morris) and his wife/husband (I really don’t know), Betty (Marta Anderson). They crash and are chased by those crazy natives. Who will live? Who will get naked? Who will die? How much animal cruelty graces the screen?

Now the place where the movie really shines is with the characters. In the beginning you have Eva, the smart one, who seems really strong willed and ready to take on the world, while you have Belinda, the model, who comes off as a moron, but as the movie progresses, they flip and it’s actually Belinda who has to keep Eva moving. It’s nice to see those roles switched. We also have Captain John, who is a war vet and expects everyone to follow him, but we learn from his husband/wife that he actually spent most of his time hiding instead of fighting. Again, it’s nice to see the convention of tough military man, turned into chicken shit. It’s also nice to see someone with a bandoleer of shotgun shells actually use them up. Most of the time, it stays full of shells and gets tossed to the side. This time, they are actually used.

The acting is what you should expect from a cannibal film, hammy and kinda out of place. Does it make it okay? Not really, but you don’t go to a metal concert and expect to hear Barry Manilow. It’s really kinda the same. As is the same with the effects, but the effects are actually a full step below most of the others from this genre. Most are just terrible and make you want to throw things at the screen.

Let’s run down the list of what every cannibal movie has. Naked women? Check. Crazy native savages? Check. Gore? Check, kinda. Animal cruelty? Check…wait, there’s absolutely no animal cruelty in the movie, holy shit! I think the world is going to end………..nope…..everything is fine so let’s move on. This movie is definitely a cannibal movie, but it doesn’t go as far as most of the well known others, Cannibal Ferox, Cannibal Holocaust, Mangiati Vivi!, or Jungle Holocaust, but it does create a good starting movie experience for those just trying to get into the cannibal genre.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    I was kind of disappointed that there weren’t any dinosaurs. Is that wrong?

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