The Drudgeon reviews Rings

Rings 17 min., 2005
Written by Ehren Kruger/Jonathan Liebesman
Directed by Jonathan Liebesman
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

Wished it was even longer.

* * *

So the tape from The Ring has now started a cult following, where people watch it and see how long they can last before they make a copy and get someone else to watch. So the movie revolves around Jake (Ryan Merriman) and his experience after watching the tape. He actually went looking for the circle of people who were doing this and he met Eddie (Justin Allen), Vanessa (Alex Breckenridge) and Timmy (Josh Wise). You see Vanessa watched Eddie’s and Jake watched hers, and then Timmy will watch Jakes and the cycle will continue with some other people. One of the things that people are doing is filming their experiences and sharing them over the net. So, in the beginning, Jake is finding the things he is seeing to be really cool and he wants to delve deeper. But then things start to go a little too far.

The acting is actually great, especially on the part of Ryan Merriman. Going from the view of having fun and being amazed to extreme terror hasn’t been done this well in a long time. The others had very little time on camera, but were still great.

The effects where also great, with most of the CG being done in a very believable manner and being effective to the story, instead of working against it. A lot of movies have the effects overshadow the story and acting, but the effects and story mesh perfectly.

I’m actually extremely impressed with everything about this short. Most shorts don’t have as much backing as this, but there are still a bunch of short films that just suck or look like there was no effort put into it. This one shows effort and an actual continuity with the overall story line of The Ring. They take what was done in The Ring and moves it to an area where it would logically go, into the underground and create its own subculture. Very well done, and if you liked The Ring, check this one out.

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    Ooh! I wanna see this now! Also, I should probably watch the Ring again, huh?

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