The Drudgeon reviews The Ring Two

The Ring Twoaka The Ring 2
128 min., 2005
Written by Ehren Kruger
Directed by Hideo Nakata
Language: English
My rating: ★

The ring is now broken.

* * *

The movie picks up right after Rings and finally lets us see exactly what happens to Jake and Emily. Next we find that Rachel and Aidan have moved to a new town and are trying to start fresh. Rachel now has a new job at the local paper and her boss Max seems to be a very nice guy. While at the paper she finds out about Jake and that he died under strange circumstances, so she decides to go and check it out. She finds out that he watched the tape and that’s why he died. She finds the tape and destroys it; finally thinking it’s over she goes back to her normal life. While at a local fair with Aidan we see that it’s not over and that Samara is now trying to come after Aidan.

Naomi Watts is two full steps down in her acting talent as compared to The Ring. It’s like she just decided to not care and read from cue cards. Then there is David Dorfman…do I really need to say again how much I can’t stand his acting? As he gets older, he just seems to become even worse and more annoying. Throwing him under a lawnmower is now too good for him; I just want even worse things to happen to him. Why can’t rocks just fall on him and he dies? Sissy Spacek does a good job in her cameo, but even that feels forced.

Now I’ve seen some pretty bad CG in my movie viewing experience, but this one is really just inexcusable. The budget they had and the amount that CG work has advanced should have made for some really awesome effects, but sadly no. It seems that they decided to cut their corners on the effects.

Really? This is where they were taking the series? After Rings I thought it would go on to affect anyone else or continue to wreak havoc on the underground or teens, not go back to Rachel and Aidan. Lame! 90% of the movie focuses on Rachel and Aidan’s relationship, with only about 5% being focused on Samara and/or the tape. Oh yeah, the other 5 is about nothing at all. They took a concept and just destroyed it with number 2. Now if you do happen to decide to watch it, keep your eyes on the driver side window when the deer attack. It gets busted and then it’s magically back…really? Now that’s just sloppy. Now the only reason for anyone to watch this is for the ending to Rings. Everything else you can skip. If you want to know more about Samara, just look online and don’t waste all your time. It’s faster and you won’t die a little inside.

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