The Drudgeon reviews 5ive Girls

5ive Girlsaka Five Girls
95 min., 2006
Written by Warren P. Sonoda
Directed by Warren P. Sonoda
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

A bland movie with a few surprises.

* * *

The movie begins with a girl named Elizabeth (Krysta Carter) in a religious school, St. Mark’s School for Girls, with Father Drake (Ron Perlman) overlooking the school. She seems to be a very good girl, but then strange stuff happens to her, and then poof she’s gone and all that’s left is a bunch of blood. We then shift five years later with another girl named Alex (Jennifer Miller) being driven to the newly opened school by her father. She tells him that she didn’t do anything, but he doesn’t care. She meets the other girls and Head Mistress Pearce (Amy LaLonde). There’s Cecilia (Terra Vnesa), who is blind; Mara (Jordan Madley), the bitch; Leah (Barbara Mamabolo), the rich girl; and Connie (Tasha May), the innocent girl. We learn that the five girls have powers (yep, you heard me) and that they may have been brought here for more sinister reasons.

Now Ron Perlman is awesome in everything he’s ever been in…except this one! Most scenes he is in, he is great, but then there are a handful of them where he just doesn’t seem to care about anything, and that’s just sad. Everyone else does an okay job, ranging from great to complete crap. All of them have scenes where they do great, but the vast majority of the time it just sucks.

Effects are usually important to me when I watch any type of movie, and boy does this one disappoint, but not completely. As with the acting, the effects also range from crap to great. The CG is just terrible, but acceptable for a cheap kick, but the non-CG is actually really good. Most of the bruises and bloody faces are done well which is nice to see.

One of the problems that the movie really has is the lack of a sense of time. It seems that a week has passed, but it’s really just a few hours, and that throws off anyone who is watching. Another problem with time (and plot in general), is that they are always running around this place. But is it taking place over a few days or just one or two nights? Also, in the beginning, they told the girls that there are very strict rules, but no one seems to be checking on them at any point throughout the movie, especially when they are screaming and running all over the place. It really throws you out of the movie and makes you question, “Aren’t they supposed to be in trouble?”

As a whole, the movie is enjoyable enough. There are some fun moments (especially when they are getting their urine samples), and some really boring moments (about half the movie), but it’s something you can veg out to, waste some time and have a good bad ’90s look-a-like movie night. Not the worst by far, but definitely not the best.

A thank you to Aimee Josephus for the request.

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  1. Aimee Josephus says:

    I agree with the review, over all the film is mediocre but it did have a few surprises in it that made it watchable. What I wish they could have done is focus on the surprising elements a little more and maybe end the film with a less typical ending.

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