The Drudgeon reviews Visions Of Suffering

Visions Of Sufferingaka Видения ужасов
126 min., 2006
Written by Andrey Iskanov
Directed by Andrey Iskanov
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★


* * *

I’ll try and tell you the plot of the movie, but the main problem is that there is not a “real” plot involved. For the most part, it’s about a bunch of people with no names, living somewhere and doing stuff (kinda). The movie starts with a dream, which is almost indescribable. The man wakes, then we switch to another “dream” that a second man wakes from. Then it all goes fucking nuts from there. First we have the Man In Glasses (Alexander Shevchenko) and his girlfriend, named the Girlfriend (Alexandra Batrumova). Glasses’ phone broke so he calls a repairman to fix it. While the guy is there he talks about “vampires” which gets Glasses freaked out. Girlfriend is at a club where the strangest shit happens. Violence, drugs, loud music and more crazy images pop up consistently. There is the Priest (Andrey Iskanov–also the director), the second guy who had a dream, who is at the club and he takes some drugs and more strange shit happens. The rest is just pure…I don’t even know.

Everything about this movie is awesome or complete crap. But I think everything was done that way on purpose. The crappy CG feels perfectly in place and doesn’t take you out of what’s going on (if you can figure that one out, great job). Other effects, like the Girl For Rape getting the complete shit kicked out of her, the aftermath is just incredible. She really looks like shit afterwards. Martyrs had a girl getting beat up consistently, but she comes out of every beating looking like a daisy with a bent petal. But this girl looks like hell just came raining down right on her face. I think that most of the effects are crappy and great to keep you off balance, and it works.

The acting is the exact same…kinda. All of the acting is pretty terrible, but again, I think it’s all on purpose. They aren’t supposed to be acting, they look like a bunch of people asked to read lines and act “normal.” For the most part it works, but then again I think they are supposed to be like that to throw you off some more. And again, you are so thrown off by everything that you are accepting of the acting, because it fits.

Now, I can try to explain other things about this movie, but it’s really hard. I’ve been trying to think of a way of describing it to other people. This is what I’ve come up with. Just imagine being in an “awake coma” and having a kaleidoscope on one eye, and a PC monitor that’s been spit and cum on, then smeared, on the other eye. In one ear you have a dog, cat and mouse fighting, and in the other is someone whispering nonsense. A strobe is going off consistently as you are being violently turned from left to right, and something is sticking pins into your spine. One foot is in cold water and the other is in bucket of razors. While all this is going on, your brain records everything, and when it’s all over you relive it again and again. That’s the best I can do.

This is hands down, without question, the most fucked up movie I’ve ever seen. Nothing that I’ve seen can compare to this in any way. It really takes you for a trip and hurts you in the process. Very few movies get me creeped out. But after watching this one, I was extremely jumpy, twitchy and even a bit scared. Now the movie itself isn’t scary, but I think that your brain is being so assaulted by tons of crazy shit, that the brain just can’t handle it and it starts to make you…see, hear or even think things that you normally wouldn’t. It really is that messed up.

I will not suggest this to anyone.  But man is it an experience. I look back and am threatened by the idea of wanting to watch it again. What the hell is wrong with me? Stay away, unless you are looking for something completely different, but don’t look for great acting or effects, or even a coherent story, just a bunch of crazy shit being thrown at you. But WOW is it great. If you do decide to take this journey, just make sure to watch it in one complete sitting, without pausing. Trust me on that.

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  1. Lackey says:

    I’ve mentioned this to you before, but this sounds very similar to what I’ve heard about Enter the Void (although I have no doubt that Visions is a weirder film).

  2. John Bruni says:

    Is this anything like AWAKENING THE BEAST?

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