The Drudgeon reviews Hostel – Part II

Hostel - Part IIaka Hostel 2
95 min., 2007
Written by Eli Roth
Directed by Eli Roth
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

About as good as the original.

* * *

We begin a little bit after the end of Hostel. Paxton (Jay Hernandez) is being woken up on the train and then is being talked to at a hospital. He talks about what happened and brings up the tattoo, which the detective reveals he has one and begins to cut Paxton. But it was just a nightmare that has been plaguing Paxton. Him and his girlfriend (Jordan Ladd) have an argument and the next morning Paxton is found with no head. We switch to the three main characters of Part II, Beth (Lauren German), the clear-headed one; Whitney (Bijou Phillips), the blonde party girl; and Lorna (Heather Matarazzo), the loser. They meet Axelle (Vera Jordanova), who is the model that they were drawing in their art class, on their train that they are taking to Prague. She convinces them to go to some hot spring in a Slovakian village. We also meet the other two characters, Todd (Richard Burgi) and Stuart (Roger Bart) are two bidders in the killing that takes place, and this is going to be their first kill.

The acting was pretty good all around, but it also had its problems. You have Heather Matarazzo playing the geeky character, and she does it without a hitch, but then you have Lauren German who just barely pulls off the “smart” character of the trio. Now, she is believable but only during ¾ of the movie. The rest of the time she just looks and feels very out of place with the material. Roger Bart and Richard Burgi both do great jobs with their characters, bringing them to life and making them the real center of the movie.

The effects are just great. KNB does a great job, again (big surprise)! All of the effects are pulled of with great care and look very real. People are cut and heads roll (and are kicked), but no matter how absurd the effects are, they look believable. SPOILER–Man when that dick gets cut off…OUCH!  It looks so real that it’s kinda scary. Great job guys.

This is a great sequel, which almost equals the original, but there are flaws. Unlike the first, you can easily pick out who will live and die, which was part of the greatness of the first, but it is forgivable because of the change in one of the characters, which is unexpected (well kinda). One of my other problems is with the “setups” for the killing. In the first it just seemed more dirty and underground (even if it is revealed that it is much bigger). In this one, some of the killing is a bit more elaborate (costumes, bathing in blood, etc.) which kinda losses the grimier feel. On the flip side, the bidding for the girls is done so great, that you can just picture that happening in real life, people bidding to kill you is just more scary then being killed.

P.S. Ruggero Deodato as a cannibal…Brilliant!

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