The Drudgeon reviews The Blob

The Blob 83 min., 1958
Written by Theodore Simonson/Kate Phillips
Directed by Irvin S. Yeaworth, Jr.
Language: English
My rating: ★★

Classic sci-fi horror where women are stupid (oh, the good old days).

* * *

Our story begins with Steve (Steven McQueen) and his girlfriend Jane (Aneta Corsaut) looking at the stars, when they see a meteorite fall from the sky. They decide to go and investigate but along the way they run into a man who has some strange stuff on his hand. You see, the old man (Olin Howlin) found the meteorite outside of his house and poked it with a stick. When he did it opened up and the goo inside crawled up the stick onto his hand. They take him to Doctor Hallen (Steven Chase) where it starts to feed even more. Moving around town and eating more people it gets bigger. But will trustworthy Lt. Dave (Earl Rowe) and dickhead Sgt. Burt (John Benson) believe them?

When you watch movies from days past you have to take into account the style of acting at the time. It’s hard to judge acting of past when most of it was more of the stage than the screen. This movie suffers from that and no one taking this seriously.  The only one that seems to be trying is Steve McQueen, and he’s just trying tooooooo hard. I understand that he’s gone on to be a favorite of many, but he is terrible at his beginning. As are the rest of the cast, especially the nurse who has the (probably unintentional) “sexiest” scared voice ever.

Again, I understand that when you watch movies that you have to take into account how much the budget was and when the movie was made. But sometimes you can’t help but cringe at how bad some effects can be. This movie is a prime example of a great movie that could have stood the test of time, but the effects are just too bad to be ignored. From the effect of the blob itself, the picture that is supposed to represent the movie theater exterior (that also moves), to the (pretty much cartoon) animated scene at the diner, they are all just really bad. Forgivable? Maybe to certain people who have fond memories of it, but man that just killed the movie for me.

I don’t want to say that the movie was a complete piece of crap, but it’s hard to overlook the flaws that stick out like pins in your eyes. It’s more fun to heckle the movie then it is to actually watch it, and I really don’t like people who heckle movies, so it’s really hard for me to say that, but it’s true. There are diehards who will say that the movie is great, and that’s just fine for them to live in their own delusional world, but in the world of reality it’s just blah.

I’m in a white shirt with a fire extinguisher!!!! Yay!!! I’m in a movie!!

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