The Drudgeon reviews The Prophecy II

The Prophecy II 83 min., 1998
Written by Matthew Greenberg/Greg Spence
Directed by Greg Spence
Language: English
My rating: ★★

Walken good, movie bad

* * *

Our movie begins with Thomas Daggett (Bruce Abbott) from the first movie having visions and writing them down. Next we move to Valerie (Jennifer Beals) driving along, when she ends up hitting a man and he is taken to the hospital where Valerie works. Next we hear Thomas going batshit and talking about how Gabriel is coming back, which is what happens next. Gabriel (Christopher Walken) is brought back in the middle of a parking lot and from the cracked ground he crawls out. After that Valerie is talking to the man that she hit, his name is Danyael (Russell Wong) and unknown to her he is an angel. They talk a bit more and he ends up going home with her where they have sex. After that Danyael leaves and meets a fellow angel named Rafayel when they are almost immediately attacked. After killing their enemies (one of whom is Glenn Danzig of the Misfits fame) Gabriel shows up and kills Rafayel and asks Danyael where the girl is. With no answer, Gabriel starts his search. While all of this fighting was going on, it appears that Valarie is now pregnant, but not a normal one, as she is already in her second trimester and it’s only been a few days.

Christopher Walken steals the show, again, with his great ability to pull off any and all lines of dialogue, no matter how bizarre or stupid, with complete conviction. He’s at his best with the dialogue that’s either funny or evil; with his deadpan face it just makes those lines even funnier or almost believable. A lot of times in movies, you have a character that is evil and all they do is make strange or “mad” faces. Which does work, but it also can come off very comedic, but when you have someone who can pull of the most evil lines but in deadpan, it really helps to show that the character is just evil and doesn’t really care about anyone that he is talking to, and he is truly just using everybody to get what he wants. Everyone else in the movie is just trying to play catchup to Walken, and no one ever succeeds, not even close.

The effects were pretty good with most of the gore (which there isn’t much of) being handled pretty well. Most of the time it’s off-screen, but when they actually show some of it, it does work. The most used effect is the wire work. There is a whole lot of men jumping and grabbing each other in the air (insert joke here), and it looks pretty good, I guess. Toss in a handful of squibs and there’s the effects for the movie.

What went wrong with this movie? Oh, wait I know. Let’s take everything that was great about the first one (except Walken) and take a crap on it and throw it out the window of a speeding car. They took a great premise and continued with (almost) complete junk. They must have been thinking, “Oh we need a sex scene and someone naked in the sequel, because there was none in the first.” Overall I’m thumbs up with nudity in the movies, but the nudity needs to fit in and really have a place in the movie. The sex scene did have a place, but it wasn’t necessary to make it last (what felt like) ten minutes. Another thing that bothered me (not just with this movie but every movie that does this) is the angle of taking two separate species and combining them, because that’s just going to make them better. I really don’t think that if you take a human and a dog and mix their DNA it will make a better human. If anything you’ll get a messed up and diluted human that is pretty ugly looking, kinda like this movie.

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  1. mouse says:

    Wasn’t Brittany Murphy in this flick? I swear I remember her being forced to help Walken out for a while. It was the firs thing I saw her in and she was one of the film’s few redeeming qualities. Actually I liked the cast in general but the whole ting was just so dumb. Good thing I like dumb horror movies, I guess.

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