The Drudgeon reviews The Prophecy – Uprising

The Prophecy - Uprisingaka The Prophecy 4
88 min., 2005
Written by John Sullivan/Joel Soisson
Directed by Joel Soisson
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

What the hell just happened? A great sequel!

* * *

The movie starts (and takes place) in Eastern Europe with a cop named Dani (Sean Pertwee) shaking down a drug dealer for money. But while the dealer is being chased, something is watching what’s going on. Dani then goes to church and puts the money into the collections box. Afterward we meet Allison (Kari Wuhrer) who has a scar under her right eye. After the service she follows a priest, who dropped a necklace, into the basement area. The priest pulls out a bible, that starts to write itself, but during that he has a heart attack and dies. Allison finds the book and takes it home, where she is hearing voices in her head telling her to keep the book and to keep moving, as someone has started to chase her. While that is going on, we have a demon named Belial that jumps bodies and is looking for the book to create a new hell. Also Dani has met a man named John (shhh…it’s actually Satan) (John Light) who appears to know more about him than he probably should.

The acting surprised, me with how bad the last two were, I was expecting this to be even worse. But lo and behold, the acting is great. Sean Pertwee plays the rough around the edges (okay maybe more than just rough around the edges) cop with a truly grimy feel. You can see the hurt and anger just spill from his facial and bodily expressions. Then you have John Light as Satan, who I was expecting to be a hollow shell compared to Walken. But I was wrong as he actually comes off even more evil and manipulative than Walken, not just in dialogue, but also in the full range of body and facial usage. We also have Doug Bradley and Kari Wuhrer who both plays their parts superbly.

For the most part, the effects were great. The dead bodies looked good and the use of CG was actually beneficial to the movie. There were a few times where the effects were kinda hokey (like when Belial comes out of a mouth) but overall they were good. What’s really sad, is that these effects actually dwarf parts two and three, and those actually had a pretty big budget (at least they seemed to), but this one swoops in and shows that, just because you have money doesn’t make your effects great.

Another thing that I though was great was the setting/locations. In the first three they were “bleak” places. But in this one, they really do look bleak and without hope, which helps to push home the overwhelming situation that Allison and Dani have to face.

This is a real surprise, with parts two and three being so shitty, Uprising is actually a great movie. The acting is top notch, the effects are full movie quality, the plot is inspired and locations that are used are just great. Watch this one when you can and just ignore parts two and three, but be prepared as there is no real connection between The Prophecy and Uprising, beside the talk about warring angels, and you are in for a world of a good time.

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