The Drudgeon reviews Scarecrow

Scarecrow 86 min., 2002
Written by Bill Cunningham/Emmanuel Itier/Jason White/Stephen Wozniak
Directed by Emmanuel Itier
Language: English
My rating: ★

Classic plot that gets turned to shit because of lack of ability or talent.

* * *

The movie begins with young (well I shouldn’t say young as he and everyone else looks like they’re in their ’40s) Lester (Tim Young) who is getting picked on at school by everyone including the teacher. So he takes his anger out through drawing and daydreaming. There is only one person who actually sticks up for him, and that’s Judy Patterson (Tiffany Shepis). But he takes her kindness and thinks it’s an actual interest in him, and when he sees her kissing another guy, he flips out and runs home. Lester’s home life isn’t much better than school. His mom is nothing but a drunk and she (what it seems at least) brings home a bunch of different guys to just have fun with. Her current guy makes fun of Lester and his art, which causes Lester to yell at him. The guy chases Lester into the surrounding cornfield where he accidentally kills him. As he lies dead, his soul seems to be transferred to the scarecrow that is nearby. In a new body, Lester decides to get a little revenge.

Now the story sounds like it could have been a great movie if pulled off right. But this movie really fails on all levels. There are movies out there, like Thankskilling or Colonel Kills, that take their independence and have fun with it. Never really taking themselves too serious and not getting bogged down with any real plans for success. Scarecrow, on the other hand, tries like hell to be a “good” movie. During the first half they try to make us feel bad for Lester and during the second we are supposed to root for him. Both times it just fails. At no point do you feel anything for him, other than questioning how old he really is. Another problem is with the overall balance of the film. Again during the first half, it really seems that they were trying to make a serious movie, but then during the second half, it turns into a slapstick, one-line-a-thon. They just couldn’t seem to decide what to do.

There is almost nothing about the movie that is really worth talking about. No one was remotely believable in any way, with most of the dialogue just being read (after probably about a dozen and one takes) and no emotion being behind any of it. The effects are just laughable and completely sloppy. Again, there just seemed to be no effort put into anything. The corncob killing just looked as lame as it sounds. You see a corncob is supposed to be jammed into someone’s ear. But you can see the person holding the cob just can’t keep their hands steady long enough for a good shot, and you see the cob moving all over the side of the victims face. Just terrible.

The only good thing about the movie is the man who played the scarecrow. Todd Rex is great, jumping nimbly bimbly all over the place, and he could actually go into real stunt work if someone would just notice him. But being in a shit movie like this won’t help him in any way.

Don’t watch this movie! End of story! Then there was part two. (Raises gun to head…)

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