The Drudgeon reviews Amityville Horror – The Evil Escapes

Amityville Horror - The Evil Escapesaka Amityville IV – The Evil Escapes, The Amityville Horror 4, Amityville IV
95 min., 1989
Written by Sandor Stern
Directed by Sandor Stern
Language: English
My rating: ★

Feel the terror and horror of a…lamp! Wait! What?

* * *

Our movie begins at the classic house where six priests have entered and start to bless the house. While they do this, the house is going apeshit. One of the priests named Father Kibbler (Fredric Lehne) comes to a room that has a really nasty looking lamp, and as he blesses it a “bubble” comes from the socket, through the cord and into it. Then an evil face appears in the globe, which causes the priest to go flying into the wall behind him. We then jump to two old ladies looking through a yard sale outside the house. They find the same lamp and one of them decides to buy it and send it to her sister Alice (Jane Wyatt) in California. At the house in California, Alice’s daughter Nancy (Patty Duke) and her three kids are moving in mainly because Nancy’s husband just died. As they show up, so does the lamp, and that’s when strange things start to happen. Blood from the sink, electronic things starting on their own, and little Jessica (Brandy Gold) is talking to her dead father.

Everyone sucked in this movie. The only believable “actor” was the fucking cat. Patty Duke was just okay, as was Brandy Gold, but even saying that is giving them (probably) too much credit. None of them were believable in the family sense, as no one seemed to have an even remote connection to each other. Then when it came to them being terrified, most of them looked like they were about to laugh or fall asleep, instead of showing even the smallest amount of fear.

Along with the acting the effects sucked too. Again, most of the effects are really simple, but they seemed to even screw that up. Blood that is supposed to be coming from the wall takes forever to actually start dripping and from the farther away shots, it looks like it was just painted on. Then we have the great effect of the lamp. You see, it turns on and then off and on and off and on and off and then sometimes back on…yep it’s that terrifying. The best and most horrifying effect is the effect that the ’80s had on this movie. Talk about scary, to think that people actually dressed and had hair like that at one point in time. The horror, the horror!

So we’ve moved from Amityville to a town called Dancott and the evil has moved from the house to a lamp that is causing another family problems. Okay? Moving from the famous house to a new place is understandable after what happened at the end of number 3, you know with the house being destroyed and all. Wait…the house was perfectly intact in this movie. So where does this fall in the continuity. Well, here’s my best guess. It goes like this, 2, 1, 4, and then 3. It’s just a guess, but hey, I’m trying.

So is it a good movie or not? Again, like the rest, nope. Not at all. Nothing was good about this at all, and you should avoid it like the plague. Killer lamp…what a dumbass idea and waste of time.

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  1. Lackey says:

    There’s actually a remake of this in development, under the title Amityville: The Legacy 3D, thus guaranteeing at least another three years of “killer lamp” references.

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