The Drudgeon reviews Repo! The Genetic Opera

Repo! The Genetic Opera 97 min., 2008
Written by Darren Smith/Terrance Zdunich
Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

A truly great movie that has no flaws.

* * *

The world has gone through an organ failing epidemic and GeneCo is the first (and probably only) company to step up and offer the ability to buy organs. After a little time, some people didn’t pay what they owed and GeneCo went to court to get the ability to repossess the organs that haven’t been paid for. The court passed it and the organ repo men were created. We come in with Rotti Largo (Paul Sorvino), creator and current owner of GeneCo, being told that he is going to die and there is nothing that can be done. We then learn about his kids and how terrible they are. There’s Luigi (Bill Moseley) who is extremely easy to break into violence; Amber Sweet (Paris Hilton), who is addicted to Zydrate (a drug that is taken from dead bodies and used in plastic surgery) and plastic surgery, and Pavi (Nivek Ogre) who likes to wear other people’s faces. None of them are up to snuff and Rotti knows it. Then we meet Shilo (Alexa Vega) who Rotti thinks is a great candidate for the company. You see Shilo is the daughter of Marni (Sarah Power) and Nathan (Anthony Stewart Head) Wallace, and Rotti had a thing for Marni and trusted Nathan until he “stole” her from him. So this is a way to get back at Nathan and have Shilo turn her back on him and go under the wing of Rotti.

Everyone (and yes I do mean everyone, including Paris) did a phenomenal job with his or her acting. Every character jumped off the screen and was believable. With the confused Alexa Vega, the grumpy and holding a grudge Paul Sorvino, the conflicted father Anthony Stewart Head, and the three terrible Largo kids, Bill Moseley, Nivek Ogre and Paris Hilton, all of them are played perfectly. I can write about each of the actors and tell how each was great (and they were), but I’m going to touch on a touchier subject. Yep, I’m talking about Paris Hilton. Before I get started, I’ve never been a fan of Paris so you can just wipe that from your mind, but in this movie she went beyond Paris and became Amber. Now everyone can complain about Paris and say that she was terrible, but to me she played it the way it should have been played. If she didn’t use her real name and went with a stage name, I don’t think she would’ve have instantly gotten such a bad rap about her acting. But the problem with her name is that it is only associated with Hollywood and never having to work a day in her life. If you watch this (or watch it again), try to not look at her as Paris Hilton, but as the pushy, bratty and spoiled (yes, I know Paris is the embodiment of all three of those) Amber Sweet.

Now this movie is more an opera (as the title suggests) than a musical. To me a musical has a musical number then a bunch of talking, then another number, while an opera is just singing and no talking. So beside about four to five lines of dialogue, this is all singing, so it’s an opera in my book. How does everyone sing? You may ask. Well I’ll tell you now.  Again everyone was great. But the standouts were Anthony Stewart Head and Terrance Zdunich. Terrance was one of those singers that always makes you turn your head every time they sing, and you have to take notice. So deep and full of plain darkness, just awesome. Then you have Anthony and his extremely sexy voice. He is one of those people that you look at and think nothing of, but then they start to sing and HOLY SHIT where did that come from. His range is great, going from the caring and loving father to the evil, dark and murderous repo man (sometimes in the same song) with not one problem. When he is ripping someone apart, you really feel it, and when he’s trying to get a handle on his past, present and future, you can feel the confusion in his voice. There are few better than him. Sarah Brightman is (and always has been) great, with an angelic voice that can bring you to tears. Now another thing I really loved about the movie is the way that some of them specifically sing. You have Bill Moseley, Ogre and Paris singing pretty badly, but that’s they way that they are supposed to sound. It was used to convey how bad of people they are. Then you have Alexa Vega, who goes from extremely shaky in her singing to an extremely confident and powerful singer by the end. It’s like she was learning to be stronger through out the movie. It’s a great way to show characters instead of just showing them do bad things or good things.

The effects were really great. All of them fit into the movie with believability and nothing left me scratching my head and thinking how they thought that this would pass as a good effect. The CG wasn’t blaringly obvious and was used with a lot of care. Another effect that was used very well, were the surroundings. All of the sets were great, especially the Wallace home, which seemed to be hiding as many secrets as the characters who lived in the house.

Go see this now! It’s great and a powerful movie! The end is one of my favorite things about the movie (and yes, I did cry at the end). SPOILER!!! It’s so rarely seen in a movie where they end it on such a high but dark note. With Nathan dying thinking that he killed his wife, when in fact it was Rotti who did it. In pretty much all movies there would be a revelation or confession about who the real killer is, but no. Rotti dies without telling anyone about what he did. So Nathan and Shilo both think it was Nathan who did it. Talk about dark.

A special thank you goes to Mr.Hales for the request.

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