The Drudgeon reviews The Prophecy – Forsaken

The Prophecy - Forsaken 75 min., 2005
Written by John Sullivan/Joel Soisson
Directed by Joel Soisson
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

This series ends on a great note

* * *

The movie picks up a little bit after Uprising and follows Allison (Kari Wuhrer) as she is still trying to protect the Lexicon from angels. We learn that there is a new angel; this time it’s a seraphim, named Stark (Tony Todd) who is looking for the book. You see the Lexicon is about to reveal who the antichrist is going to be, and Stark wants to kill the child so that Armageddon won’t happen. But Lucifer (John Light) is there to “help” Allison out because he wants Armageddon to happen. So Stark has hired an assassin by the name of Dylan (Jason Scott Lee) to kill Allison and get the Lexicon, but Dylan starts to have second thoughts and decides to help her instead, much to the dislike of Stark. Will Allison and Dylan stop Stark from knowing the name, or will he stop the apocalypse?

Again this movie surprises me with the acting. Jason Scott Lee is actually pretty good at conveying emotions and you can see the conflict in his eyes. Kari Wuhrer does a great job as well, playing a woman caught in-between over the top circumstances and making her believable. Then there is Tony Todd. Every time this man is on the screen, he demands attention. He has just an amazing presence and a great skill when it comes to acting. Even when he has to recite some pretty lame dialogue, he does it with complete conviction and believability. John Light is an actor that I never heard of until these movies, but I’m gonna start paying attention to his other works, because he is just great as Lucifer. He plays him in a very subtle way, and not an over the top villain, just the way I would see Lucifer actually acting.

The effects are just as good as the last, but all in all there is a lot less this time around. This time it’s a lot more usage of light and quick cuts, instead of straight up effects. Now don’t get me wrong, there are effects, but (for the most part) they aren’t in your face and blatantly yelling to be noticed and most of them blend in really well.

As a whole this is a good conclusion to the very shaky series of The Prophecy. From a great first to a crappy second and third and finally to a strong fourth and fifth, it ends on a really good note, but I really hope that it just stops here and doesn’t continue. This one does add some strange things though, like the inclusion that you can kill an angel by shooting them in their third eye. Kinda strange but…I guess it’s acceptable, ‘cause always showing hearts getting ripped out does get kinda old. That brings up another thing that I really did like about the movie, the ending. The ending could have turned into a generic and Hollywood ending (actually it was really heading that way, then I was surprised), but they decided to do something different. Thank you for that and not following the norm. Great sequel with great acting, good effects and a good ending make for lots of fun. Watch Uprising and Forsaken as a mini-marathon for a real treat.

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