The Drudgeon reviews Scarecrow Slayer

Scarecrow Slayeraka Scarecrow 2
87 min., 2004
Written by Bill Cunningham/David Michael Latt/Joel Newman
Directed by David Michael Pratt
Language: English
My rating: ★

More scarecrows and more crappy effects.

* * *

The movie begins with a father and son working in a field (at fucking midnight for some reason). While working, the father hears something and goes to check it out. He is attacked by the scarecrow and thrown onto a pitchfork. Thirty five years later the son, Caleb (Tony Todd), is giving an interview and talking about the scarecrow and how he finally caught it ten years ago and has it tied up in his field. We then cut to four “kids” in a car where they talk about stuff and things. It turns out that Dave (Brett Erickson) and Karl (David Castro) are trying to get into a fraternity, and to do so they have to steal said scarecrow. In the process of taking it down Caleb shoots Dave, thinking that it was the scarecrow. Dave’s soul jumps into the scarecrow and so begins the killing as Dave tries to get back into Mary’s (Nicole Kingston) arms.

My main question about this movie is with Tony Todd. Why the hell is he in this movie? What crime did he commit to be forced into this piece of crap? Now don’t get me wrong, he was actually really good and handled the most absurd dialogue with grace and conviction. But the question still remains, WHY? As for everybody else, they were just terrible. Most of them were just trying too hard and were pushing their emotions out of every pore, ending in them looking extremely silly.

Now I’ve seen some really bad effects in my time. Bad CG is common in most movies, but give me a break. The CG in this movie is beyond terrible and there is no reason for it. I guess that the whole budget went to Tony Todd (again why Tony WHY?) and they must have gone to some fourth graders for the CG work. So I guess for fourth graders it was actually pretty awesome.

Compared to the first one, this one is even worse. At least last time there was a reason for Lester to kill. Revenge is always a good excuse for killing in movies. But this one has a bunch of killing, pretty much for the sake of a body count. Higher body counts don’t make a good movie; it’s the reason behind the killing, the connection to the characters that are killed or being hunted, and the connection to the killer. This one fails on all counts. Let’s not forget that they toss in the military (kinda, with it being a few twenty somethings) and a scarecrow on scarecrow fight and you just end up with a mish-mash of crap. Then there was part three (rope is placed around neck).

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