The Drudgeon reviews The Amityville Curse

The Amityville Curseaka The Amityville Horror 5
91 min., 1990
Written by Michael Krueger/Doug Olson/Norvell Rose
Directed by Tom Berry
Language: English
My rating: ★★

A pretty decent (and I stress decent) haunted house movie

* * *

The movie starts with a priest listening to a confession, when the person who is giving the confession shoots him and gets away. The people at the church take the confessional to the basement of a house and seal it away. Then twelve years later we meet the new couple that bought the house, Marvin (David Stein) and Debbie (Dawna Wightman). They brought some of their friends to help renovate and have some fun. There’s Frank (Kim Coates) and his wife Abigail (Cassandra Gava), and the loner Bill (Anthony Dead Rubes) who is always listening to music on his headphones. While working on the house, strange things start to happen, but Marvin keeps on saying that it’s nothing and everyone is just caught up in the hysteria about the famous Amityville house down the road (yep, they aren’t in the actual house from the first three, but a completely different one). As more strange things happen, Frank is starting to lose it and Debbie is getting visions from the house itself. Then let’s not forget the old housekeeper, Mrs. Moriarty, from before that just keeps on walking into the house.

The acting in the movie is lacking any real sense of emotion. The only one that’s okay at showing any form of emotion was Dawna Wightman,and even her performance sometimes comes off more comedic than serious, but overall she’s pretty good. The rest are just blah. They are nothing but generic characters that you are waiting to die off one by one. It felt (especially toward the end) like I was watching a slasher film and not a haunted house movie. Now I don’t know if David Stein was just really a good actor or if he is just an asshole like his character, pompous and completely full of himself. Because you see, I really hated his character and was just hoping that he would die.

Now there weren’t many effects to speak of in the movie and the ones that were there, for the most part, aren’t even worth talking about. One thing that did bother me was that any time there were candles on the screen, there was always the reflection in the camera, and that just got really annoying after a while. That’s something that they should have caught earlier and tended to.

The story is what I really did like about this one. It’s not the Amityville story, so the title will throw most people off. Instead this is a totally independent story that just happens to take place in the same town. It’s pretty interesting to see just who is haunting the house and fun to see everything unravel, granted it’s at a pretty slow pace.

Overall I’d tell most to just walk away from this one, but a select few will find something good about this and actually enjoy it like I did. With okay to blah acting, pretty lame effects and an interesting plot most should just avoid it. But I’ll just say this. “Watch at your own risk and try to ignore everything that is wrong with it.”

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