The Drudgeon reviews Killer Weekend

Killer Weekend 92 min., 2004
Written by Jennifer Farrell
Directed by Fabien Pruvot
Language: English
My rating: ★

A mix between Lifetime and Skinemax! No horror to be found.

* * *

A group of friends (some are related) are heading up to the home of Tom (John Castellanos) and Janet (Jennifer Farrell) Barkley, to take some time off and have a fun weekend. They get there and tensions already start to rise between Jack Talbot (Eric Roberts) and his wife Sasha (Cyrielle Clair) and everyone is feeling the effects. They fight and (pretty much) everyone tries to help out poor Sasha, especially Michael Green (Al Sapienza) who is married to Olivia (April Fissell) and she is the niece of Tom. There is more fighting and more tension between “good” friends until the inevitable happens. Jack Talbot gets killed. But who did it and why? Was it his wife or her lover? Does anyone really care about this movie? Didn’t think so.

The acting of the movie ranged from pretty good to downright terrible. You have Eric Roberts playing his part well and actually believable, but then you have Al Sapienza who can’t act to save his life. April Fissell was pretty good but Cyrielle Clair was just terrible. So you get some good scenes and some, okay mainly, crappy ones and that just equals out to below average. There is definitely not enough good acting to save this movie in any way.

The effects…wait…what effects. Nope there is none, so let’s just move on.

The last thing I want to bring up is the whole cop/crime-solving thing. We have detective Nicolleti (Robert Miano) who is in charge of the investigation. Now since a man was killed in the house shouldn’t all of them be taken to the station and questioned there? Actually, shouldn’t they be in cuffs and taken to a holding cell? I was tossed in a holding cell for getting arrested for drugs, but murder doesn’t call for that. Plus they have them being allowed to stay at the house. Really? “One of you just killed someone, but you get to stay in a nice cushy house, oh and just don’t leave. Okay? Good.” I just don’t get it. So if anyone else gets killed, whose fault would it be? The killer or the cops for allowing them to run free and not separate and confine them. Doesn’t that just cry out for some logic?

As stated in my tag, this is a cross between a Lifetime (television for idiots) movie and a Cinemax softcore murder movie (except there is no nudity). You have pretty bad acting and there is a complete lack of any special effects. Everything happens off screen and they don’t even show any of the aftermath. They talk about Jack being dead but they don’t even say how he died, and that takes most of the movie to finally find out how (not by who, just how) he died. But is it good? Not really. By the time you get to the end you have figured out part of it and then comes the surprise that takes another ten minutes to explain how it all happened. So unless you are in the mood for a Lifemax movie, just walk away and never turn back.

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