The Drudgeon reviews Attack Of The Giant Leeches

Attack Of The Giant Leechesaka She Demons Of The Swamp
62 min., 1959
Written by Leo Gordon
Directed by Bernard L. Kowalski
Language: English
My rating: ★★

No one can act and men in rubber suits that pop like bubble wrap

* * *

Our movie begins with Lem (George Cisar) in the swamp, when he suddenly sees something on the surface of the water. It’s like nothing he’s seen before and he gets scared, so he opens fire. It swims away and we cut to him telling his friends all about it. We next meet Dave Walker (Bruno VeSota) and his wife Liz (Yvette Vickers) who have a very strained relationship. Liz likes to run around and she treats Dave pretty bad, but he loves her so he puts up with it. Then we meet the game warden, Steve Benton (Ken Clark) and his girlfriend Nan Grayson (Jan Sheppard). Steve is trying to stop trappers and poachers when he hears a scream. He approaches and sees a man covered in marks who falls at Liz’s feet. They think it’s a gator/croc, but upon examination it seems that it’s more like an octopus or squid. But what is something like that doing in a swamp?

You have a bunch of actors that can’t act in any form. All of them are just reading lines and then they are overacting at the same time. How is this possible? I don’t know, but they pull it off. When Bruno VeSota is trying to be menacing, he comes off more as a bumbling idiot that you just want to pat on the head. Ken Clark is consistently trying to take command every time he’s on screen, but he has no idea how to actually be a powerful character and he falls flat almost every time. Lastly we have Yvette Vickers who plays the woman in distress. The main problem with her is that every line is moaned instead of spoken. She’s terrified…moan. She’s angry…moan. She’s…well you get the gist, it’s just really annoying.

Men in rubber suits are the main focus of the effects and they are okay. For the most part they don’t show much of them, and with them like that they kinda work, but then toward the end you really get a good look, and then it’s laughville. I try to take into account the time and the budget, but man o man they are worth a look if only for a good laugh. Most of the other effects are very minor and only on screen for a few seconds, and they are actually okay. Nothing special, but good enough for the time you see them.

Overall I’d just say to avoid this one, but to a few out there you should check this one out. It’s a movie that’s fun to poke fun at and throw popcorn at the screen during the really bad scenes. Aside from that, it’s really not worth most peoples’ time and you should just watch the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode instead of the actual movie.

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