The Drudgeon reviews Scarecrow Gone Wild

Scarecrow Gone Wildaka Scarecrow 3
87 min., 2004
Written by Brian Katkin
Directed by Brian Katkin
Language: English
My rating: ★

OH MY GOD!!! WILL IT EVER END?? Oh, is that Olivia Munn?

* * *

The movie starts with a bunch of baseball players hazing some kids who are trying to get into their varsity jacket. They are caught by Coach Ramsey (Ken Shamrock) and told that hazing isn’t allowed. They stop but decide to continue away from the school. They go to a field with a scarecrow and tie Sam (Caleb Roehrig) to it and leave him. Not knowing that he is diabetic, he goes into a coma, then he is found by his friend (and another one of the players) Jack (Matthew Linhardt) and taken to the hospital. While at the beach the kids are starting to be attacked by a scarecrow. Is there any way to stop it? Will anyone live? Why is there are musical number? And why did anyone think it was a good idea to make another one of these?

Do I really need to talk about the acting? Everyone knows how bad it’s going to be and that everyone is just complete crap. This one doesn’t break the mold even a little bit. Bad acting with bad dialogue makes a complete shit sandwich. And fuck you for making me eat it!

Now the effects are so goo…nope it’s not even worth a joke. They’re terrible, plain and simply terrible. Do I really need to talk about this more?

The only shining spot of the movie is almost at the end. Three girls approach Sam and one of them is actually Olivia Munn (of Attack of the Show fame). She’s listed under the name Lisa Munn. Now that was a nice surprise, but not enough to save this piece of shit.

So part three picks up after…well after nothing. This has no connection with the second, just as the second had nothing to do with the first. At least they have the decency to not number them, like some other series did. So them having nothing to do with each other is fine by me. But it still sucks! Stay away from this at all costs. At least it’s done and over with. No more of this series…wait…WHAT…there is a fourth one that was just released…NOOOOOOO!!! I can’t take it anymo

Note: The Drudgeon was found dead in his hole shortly after turning in this week’s reviews, an apparent suicide, although we are grateful that talk of a fourth Scarecrow movie turned out to be nothing more than baseless rumors. –Ed.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    SCARECROW GONE WILD? Really? That’s actually the title? Now you’re just making movies up. Do we at least get to see the scarecrow’s tits?

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