The Drudgeon reviews The Rage

The Rageaka Robert Kurtzman’s The Rage
86 min., 2007
Written by John Bisson/Robert Kurtzman
Directed by Robert Kurtzman
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

Terrible!  But in the best way possible.

* * *

The movie begins with Dr. Viktor (Andrew Divoff) experimenting on a man and talking about what he is working on.  It’s a rage-inducing virus that is easily spreadable and he is trying to find a host that can start the process rolling.  His experiment goes out of control and he ends up getting bitten and his patient escapes.  We then shift to an outdoor party where we meet Kat (Erin Brown) and her boyfriend Josh (Ryan Hooks), a girl they just had a three way with named Olivia (Rachel Scheer), and Kat’s best friend Pris (Sean Serino) and her boyfriend Jay (Anthony Clark).  The next morning they all get into their RV and start to drive.  They take a “short cut” and they end up hitting one of Dr. Viktor’s “patients” and that’s when the killer vultures start to appear and all hell breaks loose.

Wait…what the fuck did I just write?

Andrew Divoff is awesome as Dr. Viktor, making the character just fun to watch.  Every time I’ve seen Divoff play a villain (I think that’s all he’s ever played, even his appearance in Criminal Minds and Lost are both great villains) he is one of the most believable and just plain evil looking.  Just great and he is enough to watch the movie on his appearance alone.  Erin Brown was actually pretty good.  Now don’t get me wrong in thinking that I’m singing her praises just because she’s hot as hell (which she totally is), because she actually is pretty good and with a few more serious movies under her belt, she could actually be a great actor, but this movie is one of those where she goes from great to crap in a matter of seconds.  The rest of the cast is just okay, with a few of them falling into the really amateurish style of acting.  It still works but it does get annoying after a little while.  Then we have an appearance by Reggie Bannister (awesome!) and him making a not so hidden Phantasm reference is just great and shows that the movie is, more or less just for a good time and not to be taken too serious.

I’m not sure what Robert Kurtzman was thinking using a different effects studio than KNB, but then again if he had gone with them most would have expected some top notch effects.  But the tone of the movie is more for fun and cheese than a serious horror experience.  So with the name KNB attached there would have been very different expectations and it would have lost the fun feel.  So on the topic of effects, I’m a little bit more lenient with this movie because of the overall feel.  The CG/puppet vultures go from completely believable (when they are flying overhead and you have the underbelly view) to hemorrhoid inducing terrible (when they are attacking the RV).  Then we have heads rolling that are always fun and bad CG for when faces of the Rage inflicted and mutating, to the bad blue screen while they are driving and the great physical make up used on the actors, so, overall, it’s a win/lose situation when it comes to the effects.

Cheesy is the name of the game with this movie, and it’s so much fun.  The acting can be great and terrible as is the same with the effects, but a lot of it I think was on purpose.  It seems that they were just having a good time and it really shows through on screen.  So just sit back and enjoy in the cheese and killer vultures and leave any snobbish movie watching at the door.  Just plain fun!!!!

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  1. John Bruni says:

    I think Divoff might have been a pirate in a past life.

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