The Drudgeon reviews Amityville – A New Generation

Amityville - A New Generationaka The Amityville Horror 7
91 min., 1993
Written by Christopher DeFaria/Antonio Toro
Directed by John Murlowski
Language: English
My rating: ★

The Amityville family gets yet another name.

* * *

So our movie begins with a guy named Keyes (Ross Partridge) who lives in a loft with some other people.  They are artists and are trying to have an art show in their building.  You have the obligatory photographer, Keyes; painter Suki (Julia Nickson-Soul) and the sculptor Pauli (Richard Roundtree) and their landlord, Dick (David Naughton) doesn’t think it’s a really good idea.  Of course he gives in and they start to plan, but before this, Keyes sees a bum outside a coffee shop and takes a photo.  He approaches and tells him about it and pays him a few bucks.  The bum, Franklin Booner (Jack R. Orend) thanks him and gives him a mirror that he says has been in his family for generations.  He takes it back to the loft and that’s when the strange things start to happen, including Keyes having nightmares about a family being killed on Thanksgiving at the Amityville house.

So the acting is pretty lame on all fronts.  The only real saving grace is Terry O’Quinn who brings in a good performance.  Now it would have been a great performance, but he is on screen for such a short time that I can only call it okay, but when he’s on screen, he definitely outshines the rest.  Ross Partridge is okay, but his main problem is that he’s just not believable enough.  Richard Roundtree is another that could have been great, but they didn’t give him enough screen time so he’s never able to live up to his potential.  Lastly there is Julia Nickson-Soul and her really terrible acting.  Every time she is anywhere within the vicinity of the screen, she just tries way too hard and fails every time.  She uses her whole face to express the simplest emotions, which could have been great, but it’s not something that she can pull off and most of the time it looks like she’s just trying to take a dump.  Lastly LIN SHAYE makes an appearance and she is awesome, as always.

The Amityville series has always used very little, or very simple special effects and this one is no different.  Most of the effects are boring, unimaginative and leave you asking the question, “Why?”  Most of them involve people looking into a mirror and their reflection doing something different.  But there is one great scene that is gleefully gory.  The thanksgiving flashback shooting scene is done great and is a blast (ha ha ha) to watch.  Other than that it’s just the same old and very uneventful.

SPOILER–One of my other main problems is with the story.  For one, why the hell should I care about a bunch (okay really two or three) of twenty somethings that are artists.  They are bland and boring, and even when you are hoping for them to die, almost none of them do.  Talk about let down.  The other problem with the story is with the original Amityville story and how it’s been changed again.  This time the killings took place during a Thanksgiving dinner instead of while everyone was sleeping.  Again the last name of the family is changed, and this time to Booner.  I just don’t understand why movies feel the need to do this.  They should try to keep at least some form of continuity going on, but they just don’t even seem to be trying even a little.  SPOILER END.

The question that lies before us is “Should you even watch this?”  Yes…but only for the one shooting scene and the fact that Lin Fucking Shaye is in it.  Basically you should just fast forward to those two scenes, watch them two or three times and then stop and destroy the copy (unless you rented it, as I don’t want to be blamed for the destruction of rented material).

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