The Drudgeon reviews Maximum Overdrive

Maximum Overdrive 98 min., 1986
Written by Stephen King
Directed by Stephen King
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

Truly a moron movie, but that doesn’t make it terrible.

* * *

Our movie begins with a bit of text about how a comet is passing really close to Earth and that the tail will cause the sky to change colors. We switch to a drawbridge starting on it’s own and causing a bunch of damage. Next we go to the Dixie Boy truck stop/gas station where we meet Bill (Emilio Estevez), an ex-con who is working here under his boss Bubba Hendershot (Pat Hingle). We meet a bunch of other characters including a newly married couple Curtis (John Short) and Connie (Yeardley Smith), a hitchhiker named Brett (Laura Harrington) and a boy named Deke (Holter Graham). While all these characters are converging on the Dixie Boy the world has gone into madness as machines are coming to life and killing everyone around them. With trucks, lawnmowers, tape players and a pop machine being just some of the killers, is anyone safe? What is causing them to take on a life of their own, and will it ever end?

The acting in the movie is actually really good. I’ve always liked Emilio Estevez’s acting and this is no different. He does great as the ex-con with a heart and he pulls off some really hammy dialogue with believability. Laura Harrington is okay, but she seems to have trouble showing any emotions, even when it comes to being scared. Yeardley Smith is awesome, actually she is fucking annoying as hell but that’s exactly what the character calls for and she is perfect. Holter Graham is another who is great in some scenes and falls flat in others. One of my favorites is where he is riding through the neighborhood and the sprinklers start going off, and the look of confusion in his eyes is just great.

One of the key things about this movie is the machines and their kills. If they aren’t believable enough then the movie fails. Lucky for us they are done so well that they even have their own personalities. The trucks all honking like they’re cheering after someone gets killed is great, and the lawnmower growling as it springs to life is a nice touch to show that it’s not just a machine anymore. Squib usage and explosions abound in the movie and as over the top as they are, they fit in perfectly and add to the fun of the whole experience.

This is just a fun movie with no brainpower needed to enjoy. Sometimes over the top plots can get annoying, or you have the movies with about twelve different twists to them and you just get bored, but this one is just purely for entertainment alone. Just watch and enjoy the cheesy dialogue, great music (all by AC/DC), fun effects and the really cool Green Goblin truck, and leave your brain at the door.

On a side note, the famed 102 minute VHS version of the movie is just a printing error on the cassette and nothing more.

A special thanks goes out to John Bruni for this request.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    “HONEY! THIS MACHINE JUST CALLED ME AN ASSHOLE!” And how about Pat Hingle vs. the Jeep?

  2. Lackey says:

    This could be the only four-star review of Maximum Overdrive ever written. (Actually, it could be the only positive review of it ever written…but then again, I always felt it was sadly underrated.)

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