The Drudgeon reviews A Dog Called…Vengeance

A Dog Called...Vengeanceaka El Perro (Original Title), Vengeance
106 min., 1979
Written by Juan Antonio Porto/Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi
Directed by Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi
Language: English
My rating: ★

It’s a prison break movie and not a horror movie.

* * *

The movie begins with a man named Sancho walking in a shallow lake with a dog. He is chasing two men that have escaped from a political prison. He finds them and one of them runs, so he releases the dog, which rips the man apart (off screen). We then switch to the prison where a bunch of political prisoners are being held including our “hero” Aristides Ungria (Jason Miller). After a bit of talking and some scenery he finally decides to make a break for freedom. You see the truck he was being moved in started to stall and all the prisoners have to try and stop it from rolling. In the process the man he was shackled to gets his hand crushed by the truck and it has to be cut off. Once it’s off Aristides makes a break for it. After some running and finally being caught, he ends up killing Sancho, but while dying he commands his dog to kill Aristides. So begins the hunt through all of South America. Will the dog succeed or will Aristides survive?

Now the acting in the movie is actually okay. Jason Miller is great as the escapee, showing terror each time the dog gets close and starts to attack. Then showing a great sigh of relief when he finally gets away. Most of the other characters aren’t really around enough to show off any real acting chops, but when most are in front of the camera they do a fine job.

There aren’t many effects other than a shit house full of squibs and a bunch of after kill shots which are okay. What’s seen is good enough but not great by any means.

The main problem with the movie was the transfer that I watched. It’s part of the Eye On Horror collection from VideoAsia and they are just terrible. A Dog Called…Vengeance is just a bad VHS copy put on DVD, with tracking problems going throughout the whole movie and an extremely blurry picture really hurt the watching of the movie. If there was a better transfer this could have been a really good movie (in my eyes) but because of the bad quality it would be a skull either way (horror or prison break movie).

So this is more of a prison break and political movie than anything else. Granted there is some great tension built up around the dog and how it endlessly hunts for him, but other than that there’s little to no horror to be found. As a prison/political movie I’d give it a 2 but as stated about the transfer it gets a skull instead. As a horror movie it also gets a skull because of the lack of horror.

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  1. Lackey says:

    Does the dog called vengeance come from a town called malice?

    It’s a valid question.

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