The Drudgeon reviews Amityville Dollhouse

Amityville Dollhouseaka The Amityville Horror 8
97 min., 1996
Written by Joshua Michael Stern
Directed by Steve White
Language: English
My rating: ★

It’s finally over!

* * *

The movie begins with a family, the Martins, moving into a house that was built on the site of another house that burnt down. You have mother and father, Bill (Robin Thomas) and Claire (Starr Adreeff), son and daughter of Bill, Todd (Allen Cutler) and Jessica (Rachel Duncan), and then there’s Claire’s son Jimmy (Jarrett Lennon). The family is strained because Jimmy still misses his father who died not that long ago and everything that Bill tries only makes things worse and Todd just keeps on messing with him. While cleaning out the shed, Bill finds an old dollhouse that he gives to Jessica as a birthday gift.  After a little time the dollhouse starts to take on a life of its own and pushes reality with what it’s doing. Will anyone figure out what’s going on? Can anyone tell me why this series went on this long?

Again, as with most of the Amityville series, the acting is just terrible. Ranging from bad to downright shit. Jarrett Lennon is one of those kid actors that makes you want to hunt them down and just skin them alive. He overacts in every scene as he’s trying to steal the scene. Robin Thomas is on the opposite side with no acting ability at all. Every emotion is the same with this guy, and that emotion is just huh? Everyone else isn’t as bad, but they are terrible nonetheless.

The effects are actually a step up from the last with some better makeup usage. Jimmy’s dad slowly, well kinda slowly as every time he appears he’s more decomposed, falls apart and the makeup is pretty good. But then there is the blood. Oh god the crappy blood. In one scene it looks more like chocolate syrup and in another it looks like snot colored red. So overall it’s just okay, a step up, but still just okay (if that tells you anything about the last one).

The series is finally over and the movie goes out with a bang. I only say this because the house blows up at the end of the movie. Oh, did I give away the ending without warning? Don’t worry about it; you shouldn’t watch this one anyway, so it’s no big loss. In all actuality the series ends on a pretty terrible note that leaves you questioning whose bright idea it was to keep this series going this long. Bad acting, okay effects and just a downright stupid premise (okay the premise wasn’t too bad, it was just pulled off badly) and you end up with some really bad movie watching. Avoid at all costs!

THANK GOD IT’S FINALLY OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND FUCK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

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