The Drudgeon reviews Komodo Vs. Cobra

Komodo Vs. Cobraaka KVC – Komodo Vs. Cobra
95 min., 2005
Written by Bill Munroe/Jim Wynorski
Directed by Jay Andrews
Language: English
My rating: ★

Bad CG Vs. Bad CG = Everyone Loses

* * *

On a remote island named Isla Damos, somewhere around Bora Bora, strange experiments are taking place on animals and an environmental group called One Planet is there to shed some light on it.  Jerry (Ryan McTavish) is their leader with his girlfriend Carrie (Renee Talbert) and their two friends (also brother and sister), Ted (Ted Monte) and Darla (Glori-Anne Gilbert).  They have also brought along Sandra (Jerri Manthey) and her camera man Dirk (Rene Rivera) who work for In Focus, which is a TV show that deals in “breaking” news like this.  They hired a rough around the edges captain by the name of Mike Stoddard (Michael Paré).  Their trek through the jungle brings them to the house where all this is supposed to be taking place and that’s where we meet Dr. Susan Richardson (Michelle Borth) and she tries to warn them about two of the creatures that are running crazy on the island and how they have been experimented on, so they have grown extremely large.  A komodo dragon and a cobra.  Let the battle begin…sigh…

So the acting in the movie is just terrible.  You have Ryan McTavish as the “leader” of an environmental group and he always comes off with a face that yells “I’m in a movie.”  Instead of acting he’s just way too proud of himself for being in the movie.  Glori-Anne Gilbert is probably the worst of the bunch, thank god she’s quickly killed off.  She’s only reading lines and taking herself way too serious.  The only really good actor (and that’s really stretching it) is Michael Paré.  He’s the only believable character in the movie and the only one that I really didn’t want to die.

Now comes the time where I bring up the effects of the movie.  Holy shit are they just terrible.  These are on the same level as a TV show’s effects…okay they’re even worse.  Then again it’s a movie called Komodo Vs. Cobra.  What type of effects should I expect from that type of a title.  So are the effects good?  They are good enough for a movie with this title…I guess.

Wow what a bad movie!  Terrible acting and terrible effects, man it doesn’t get much lower than this.  Is it even worth watching to make fun of?  Sure it is.  If you can watch this without expecting some great movie and know that you’re getting a really bad monster movie than you can actually enjoy it for what it is.  Then again I wouldn’t suggest this to anyone…ANYONE!

By the way, how much ammo does a standard .38 clip hold?  Because these guys fire about 50 rounds from a single clip (no joke, count them yourself).

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  1. Lackey says:

    By the way, how much ammo does a standard .38 clip hold? Because these guys fire about 50 rounds from a single clip (no joke, count them yourself).

    I’m no gun expert, but…

    There are many varieties of ammo in the .38/9mm range and indeed many varieties that are called “.38 caliber” so the answer depends on the exact variety used and the exact make and model of the weapon. However the standard for most weapons that chamber calibers that are called “.38” or “.380” is six or seven.

    When we discussed this initially I speculated 15, but I was thinking of 9mm Parabellum firearms such as Glocks, whose clips can hold 17 rounds (although local laws may restrict the ownership or sale of high-capacity magazines).

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