The Drudgeon reviews Dead Shit – Part 1 – The Talisman Of Tikinaya

Dead Shit - Part 1 - The Talisman Of Tikinayaaka Dead Shit
32 min., 2007
Written by Kevin Strange
Directed by Kevin Strange
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

Some good brainless entertainment

* * *

The movie starts with Hogan (Kevin Strange) rolling a fatty on the porch.  Out from the door comes Nixon (Joshitsuo Montoya), his best friend, and he brings up a very good point to him.  There are fucking zombies coming toward the house.  Hogan comes back with how slow they are moving and that it’s okay because they are moving so slow and that he was planning on taking them out after he smoked up.  Nixon agrees and they smoke.  After their smoke they grab their weapons of choice and get to work.  After taking those zombies down they start running into some trouble because there are more coming.  They call Nixon’s brother Tony (Tim O’Saben) to help but he’s busy with his bitch (Katie Deerest).  After a bit more time and Nixon having sex with a zombie we finally meet the She-Bitch (Zae).  What are Nixon and Hogan to do?

The acting in the movie is just right for what the movie is and calls for.  Kevin Strange and Joshitsuo Montoya do a fine job as the two heroes of the movie, granted the dialogue does start to wear thin after a little while.  My favorite is Tim O’Saben as the badass Tony.  He seems to be the actor that is having the most fun with his part and most of his dialogue is spoken with a touch of pure enjoyment for the role.

The effects are pretty bad, but then again taking into account the budget and everything, the effects are actually pretty inventive.  The arm-ripping scene is actually my favorite, it actually looks good and it’s fucking funny to boot.  This movie proves that just ‘cause a movie effect isn’t great, it can still be a fun experience.

The best part about this short movie is the dialogue.  With great lines like “I’m a motherfucking Voltron of Satanic power” and “Plus ten shovel motherfucker.”  Just great and it makes me laugh every time.  On the other hand, there is a lot of swearing, I mean a lot of swearing motherfucker, and after a while it just gets really annoying.  Funny as it may be, it just loses its ability to keep you interested and you start wanting some actual dialogue.

As a whole this is a fun movie.  It has its sore spots and slip ups, but it’s another movie where you can just zone out and have some fun.  With a title like Dead Shit, what else do you expect other than some silly acting and effects, with over the top ideas and a barrel of laughs you really get what you pay for.  Drink a little, sit back and enjoy the silliness that is Dead Shit.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    Huh. Sounds kinda’ like the comic book LIVING WITH ZOMBIES.

  2. Lackey says:

    Kevin has definitely shut down Hack. His exact words are “I doubt I will ever make another small scale offensive horror/comedy film. (Never say never)” He’s gone back to school to study creative writing.

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