The Drudgeon reviews American Psycho 2

American Psycho 2aka American Psycho II – All American Girl
88 min., 2002
Written by Alex Sanger/Karen Craig
Directed by Morgan J. Freeman
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

Not the best and not the worst…just okay.

* * *

A few years (I’m guessing here) after American Psycho, young Rachael Newman is being held captive by Patrick Bateman (Michael Kremko) and is watching him kill her babysitter.  She gets free, ends up killing Patrick, leaves and never tells anyone about what happened.  Now she is grown up and in college (and played by Mila Kunis) trying to get into Quantico because she really wants to be a profiler and hunt down serial killers.  Under the teachings of Professor Robert Starkman (William Shatner) she is on the fast track to exactly that, except for the three other students that are going for the same thing.  One is sleeping with Robert, one is just a really good student and the last is a rich pretty boy who doesn’t need good grades to move ahead.  Now Rachael has to find a way to get rid of the competition or not get what she deserves.

The movie has some really good acting, especially on the part of Mila Kunis.  Coming from a very different start in TV and moving to this, she shows some actual talent.  Her character is dark and calculating, and she pulls it off without a problem.  You really do believe that she wants that position and she will do anything to get it.  Now the other actors aren’t so good.  Shatner is okay and he doesn’t fall into his old acting style that he is most made…fun of…for.  He tries harder, but still comes off as a joke most of the time.  One of the smartest things they did was to not show Patrick Bateman’s face.  Having a different actor than Mr. Bale playing him is silly, but the way it was done is nice and you don’t really question if it’s him or not.

There isn’t all that many effects in the movie.  Most of the killings and deaths are off screen or shot in a very clever way so you don’t actually see anything.  Then again most of the killings are very basic and don’t require you to see much.  It still would have been nice so see some more blood and violence.

Now this is a sequel to American Psycho, but it’s not the continuation of Patrick Bateman, it’s about someone who saw what he did and the one who killed him.  It’s good…enough.  There are a lot of tiny little call outs to other movies and even to the first one.  In the opening voiceover you hear her talking about what Bateman did and how she heard it was turned into a book.  It’s also good because they know they could never top the first, so they decided that they had to make the best of what they have.  Pretty good, but not enough blood.  Good dialogue and shout outs, but there are some really boring spots.  Is it worth checking out?  Sure.  It’s not as bad as it could have turned out and there are some genuinely good moments throughout.  Just don’t expect another Patrick Bateman.

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