The Drudgeon reviews The Tunnel

The Tunnel 91 min., 2011
Written by Enzo Tedeschi/Julian Harvey
Directed by Carlo Ledesma
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

Forget most found footage type movies (cough, cough, Paranormal Activity)…this is actually good!

* * *

In the underground subway system of Sydney, Australia, there are some strange things that are going on.  The homeless are disappearing and anyone that goes too far into them isn’t returning.  So Natasha (Bel Delia) has decided to take a look.  Especially after seeing a Youtube clip of some kids down there.  You see, she is a journalist/reporter and has convinced (kinda) the place where she works to let her take a crew and go investigate.  She takes Peter (Andy Rodoreda), Steve (Steve Davis), and soundman, Tangles (Luke Arnold).  While down there they aren’t finding very much, that is until they come across the warning bell.  That’s when everything starts to go horribly wrong.

The acting is far beyond what I expected.  All of them do a great job.  To me Luke Arnold as Tangles is the best.  I’ve seen a lot of actors play soundmen and I’ve seen a whole bunch being portrayed in the background of movies, but he is (so far) the only one that I’ve seen that actually seems to know what it means to work with sound.  Another thing about the acting is the character chemistry and these guys have it in spades.  You really get the feeling that they have been friends (or at least worked together) for a while.  They have their own inside jokes and ways of talking to each other that everyone and their friends have.

The effects in the movie are used sparingly.  Most of the time there are no effects to be found.  When there are effects, they are only on screen for a few seconds and it leaves you wanting to see more, and not in a bad way.  They use and show just the right amount of everything to keep you wanting more, but at the same time you don’t feel gypped either.  This movie proves that you don’t have to see the big bad monster to get your heart pumping.  If only more movies could only follow in these guys’ footsteps.

This is a movie that really surprised me.  Going into it I was trying like hell to not think about found footage that I’ve grown to dislike over the years.  So I was already a little worried about it, but man oh man was I taken aback.  It’s found footage but not really.  It feels like a documentary that you would see on the CourtTV Channel.  There are even little fade to blacks, like there was supposed to be a commercial there.  Small things like that really help pull you into it and forget that it’s just a movie, and you start thinking that you really are watching a documentary.  Even at the beginning where you know who lives and dies it doesn’t take away from feeling any fear for the characters that are going to make it.  It is done just that well and I suggest that pretty much everyone should check this out.  Please go to and give them your support!  Great low budget movies deserve help.

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