The Drudgeon reviews The Hills Run Red

The Hills Run Red 81 min., 2009
Written by David J. Schow/John Dombrow/John Carchietta
Directed by Dave Parker
Language: English
My rating: ★

A movie that could have been a classic if it was in different hands!

* * *

The movie begins by telling us that there was a movie called The Hills Run Red that was made and then pulled from theaters, and then the cast went missing, as did the director.  We jump forward to modern day where Tyler (Tad Hilgenbrink) is watching the only (except for a few stills) piece of the movie that exists, the trailer.  His girlfriend Serina (Janet Montgomery) approaches and tries to get him to go to bed and fool around, but he refuses and continues his research on the movie.  We then meet is best friend Lalo (Alex Wyndham) who is also a movie buff, and they talk more about the movie.  Then Tyler explains that Wilson Wyler Concannon (who we find out later is portrayed by William Sadler) had a daughter, Alexa (Sophie Monk) and she is living really close by.  Tyler goes to see her and continues to help her get clean because now she is a stripper and a junkie.  Then she agrees to take them to the house where her father worked and made the movie.  Maybe a print of the movie exists there.

Everyone, and I mean everyone just sucked in the movie.  No one knew how to act (except William Sadler and that’s even stretching it) and it was painfully obvious.  Most of the dialogue could have been great, but coming out of their mouths was just painful to hear.  Then again some of the dialogue was just complete shit, so that made it even worse.  Now one of my main complaints about dialogue is with the character of Lalo.  He is the character that has seen so many horror movies that he knows all of the conventions of them and he is constantly bringing them up.  Now I understand that, but every time he does talk about the clichés of them, they are usually wrong or just happened in one or two movies.  Being as he is such a movie buff, shouldn’t he know that most of the clichés just don’t exist?  I think they were just trying to be witty and at the same time they were trying to say that their movie is better than those past movies.

The effects are total shit!  Okay I shouldn’t say total, but as a whole they just suck.  There are some scenes where the effects look good, but then they try to raise the bar and make it gorier and that’s when they toss in the CG blood.  Really?  Really?  Okay I understand the use of CG blood for little things, but having a body pretty much explode and there being a giant ball of CG blood is just too obvious and painful to watch.

This movie has everything that is needed to make a great classic.  The storyline is actually pretty good as are the characters.  The concept behind Babyface is actually pretty cool and he could have gone on to be another great “slasher” icon.  But unfortunately since the movie was in terrible hands, everything just fell through.  The acting was just bad on all fronts and the effects ranged from pretty good to downright crap.  The only thing that actually saves this movie is the storyline.  The only reason to watch this is for that and a few scenes here and there, other than that don’t bother.

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