The Drudgeon reviews The Sadist

The Sadistaka Profile Of Terror, Sweet Baby Charlie
92 min., 1963
Written by James Landis
Directed by James Landis
Language: English
My rating: ★

A bit of a silly movie that has a few good spots…I guess

* * *

Three friends/coworkers/lovers (?) are driving to go and watch a baseball game.  Ed Stiles (Richard Alden) and his girlfriend (again…?) Doris Page (Helen Hovey) and their friend Carl Oliver (Don Russel) are driving along until they have some car trouble.  They are forced to pull over into a mechanic’s place and look for some help.  They look around and don’t find anyone.  So they decide to try and fix the car themselves, well Ed does.  While trying to get a part from another car they are approached by a couple.  The man is Charles Tibbs (Arch Hall, Jr.) and his is wielding a gun and his girlfriend Judy Bradshaw (Marilyn Manning) is just plain bat shit crazy (I’m only guessing here, as she really never says anything).  The couple also need a car and “convince” Ed to give them their car after he’s done fixing it.  So begins the long standoff.

Looking back at the movies of old, you really get to see how different things are compared to now.  Acting styles are very different.  Nowadays you have strong women who can take control of a situation.  In this movie the woman, Doris that is, the woman pretty much does nothing but cry and act dumb about baseball.  There is about a ten-minute talk about how she just doesn’t understand some of the rules and how she finds some of it silly.  Then the two men look at each other and laugh.  Ha ha ha, stupid women.  Then there is the character of Tibbs.  Most of the time in modern movies, the killers or psychos or even just normal bad guys are now super intelligent and plan everything thirteen steps in advance.  In this Tibbs is just a crazy kid with a gun that likes to mess with people.  He has no real plan; he just kinda goes with the flow and really doesn’t care about how he gets to the end, as long as he does.  Now there’s something that really bothers me about the movie though.  When the “good guys” get to the mechanic, they look around and don’t find anybody.  Instead of waiting they decide to just take what they need.  They take drinks and they start to take a part from a car that was there.  What the hell is that?  These are adults, shouldn’t they know better?  Is a baseball game that important that stealing is permitted?  I’d expect that kind of behavior from teens, but not adults, and one of them is a teacher.  Would you want someone who steals teaching your kids?

The one place where the movie is actually pretty good is with the use of the camera.  There are some actually pretty cool shots through out.  One of my favorites is where Tibbs is holding the gun on Carl and the shot is from behind a spidered car window.  It just looks really cool.  There are just some great uses of the camera, but that’s about all the movie really has going for it.  That and the ending is actually pretty good.  Okay the ending involving Ed that is (personally didn’t see that coming).  Unless you are into watching a lot of standing and guys talking tough, this isn’t for you.

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2 Responses to The Drudgeon reviews The Sadist

  1. John Bruni says:

    As I recall, the characters are school teachers, so they probably don’t make a lot of money. So yeah, I’d expect them to steal. They’d probably steal the gold fillings from their mothers’ teeth.

    • Lackey says:

      Fun fact! Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker helped finance The Sadist on the condition that the teachers be portrayed as unsympathetically as possible.

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