The Drudgeon reviews Room 205

Room 205aka Kollegiet (Original Title)
91 min., 2007
Written by Jannik Tai Mosholt
Directed by Martin Barnewitz
Language: Danish
My rating: ★

A mishmash of other ghost movies with no real substance.

* * *

Our main character Katrine (Neel Rønholt) is moving into a new dorm at the beginning of the movie when she runs into Sanne (Julie R. Ølgaard), the dorm bitch, causing Katrine to drop her deceased mother’s lamp, making it break and Sanne just walks away.  She then puts her groceries away and we meet the rest of the group, or the ones who are “in,” as they say.  There is Lukas (Jon Lange) the nice guy and Lena (Mira Wanting) the nice girl.  There is also Rolf (Mikkel Arendt) who is moving out because he is no longer “in.”  While talking, Lukas tells Katrine about a girl who was accidentally killed in room 205, which is the same room where Sanne is staying.  After a practical joke is played on Katrine she escapes to the bathroom of room 205 and sees a woman in the mirror, causing her to break it.  After that she starts to see strange things in mirrors and people start to die off.

Neel Rønholt is okay as our heroine, but most of the time she has a lot of trouble trying to convince us that she is really scared instead of just confused.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d be confused too, but there are a bunch of scenes where she is supposed to be scared, instead she just has the face of “Oh shit, I forgot my lines.”  We also have Julie R. Ølgaard as the dorm bitch.  The problem is she just comes off more as an annoyance than an actual bitch.  Yeah she acts bitchy, every once in a while, but most of the time she’s like a fly that got caught on film and just won’t leave.  The rest are just okay and no one really steps up to go the extra mile to put in a really good performance.  They all really seem to be sleeping through their roles instead of acting.

The effects of the movie are very amateurish.  A lot of the tricks that are used here have been used (and a whole lot more successfully) in other movies.  There is no inventiveness to be seen.  Now, I’m not looking for them to reinvent effects work, but I was expecting at least a little effort put into the effects instead of just recycling already existing ones.  The one where they took the most from was The Ring.  Even a lot of the sound effects that were used were taken from The Ring, and that’s just sad.

As a whole the movie is just blah.  There’s nothing new and nothing original about this to be found.  Everything has been lifted, borrowed or stolen from a handful of other movies.  This is nothing new, I do understand that, but it’s like they weren’t even trying to make a new movie.  The movie starts out okay, but after the first fifteen minutes it just starts to get boring and I was literally counting the minutes till it was over.  It’s just not worth the wait to see the conclusion and then there is the really lame last scare that just made me want to cry because it was just too stupid for words.

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