The Drudgeon reviews The Eye 2

The Eye 2aka Gin Gwai 2 (Original Title)
95 min., 2004
Written by Jojo Hui
Directed by The Pang Brothers
Language: Cantonese
My rating: ★

A great concept that ended up in a terrible movie

* * *

So Joey Cheng (Shu Qi) is having problems with her boyfriend Sam (Jesdaporn Pholdee) and she decides to take it to the extreme and tries to overdose on pills.  She wakes up in her room with a bunch of ghosts standing around, and then she passes out again.  She wakes up again, this time in the hospital where she is getting the crap pulled out of her (not actually crap, the pills).  After this point she starts to see spirits wherever she goes.  After a little bit of time she finds out that she is pregnant and starts to worry that the spirits are trying to get her unborn child, especially the spirit of a woman (Eugenia Yuan) that seems to be following her.  She finally decides to take matters into her own hands instead of just worrying and goes to see a monk (Philip Kwok) that might be able to help.

Let me just start by saying that the acting is just rotten.  Shu Qi is an extremely unbelievable actor.  Nothing she does, facial expressions or body movements, fits into any of the scenes that she is in.  She delivers dialogue like she is sleeping.  When she is scared it sounds more like she is having an orgasm instead of any sound of fear.  Jesdaporn Pholdee is in very few scenes, but when he is on screen everything just turns even crappier than usual.  Shu Qi sounds like she’s sleeping, but Mr. Pholdee sounds like he’s just dead.  Having absolutely no emotion during all of his scenes that all require a lot of emotion makes him really annoying to watch.

Now the effects are actually pretty good…at first, but after about a half hour they start to get repetitious.  The ghosts look good, but they use the same tricks over and over again.  The first time you see one of them “swimming” in the air it’s really cool but that’s about the only effect that really sticks out and the rest you just kinda forget about after five minutes.

Another problem with the movie is the character of Joey.  She is the type of character that you just don’t care about, and the whole point of the movie is to care and worry about her.  The way she is written is so poor that she comes off as a complete bitch instead of a sympathetic character.  SPOILER–Even after she finds out that the ghosts aren’t evil in anyway, she still screams and tries to stop them from reincarnating.

The only saving grace of the movie is the actual concept about what the ghosts are doing.  SPOILER (AGAIN)–There is the belief of reincarnation and this kinda shows exactly how it is accomplished.  Having the ghosts “swim” into a pregnant woman to get reborn is actually really cool.  The other idea behind Sam’s wife, who just killed herself, trying to be reborn through Joey is actually really cool and kinda creepy.  Think about it.  Sam’s wife is going to be his daughter.  Fucking Asians!  SPOILER over.

Now is the movie worth watching?  No!  Even the cool plot and really good twist doesn’t make this remotely watchable.  The first was enjoyable even with the lag time, but this one just doesn’t really have anything going for it.  Everything that is good is either overused or comes way too late to save the day.  Oh, by the way this movie has nothing to do with the first one in any way other than Joey being able to see ghosts.  So don’t expect any carryover from the first.  Just stay away.

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