The Drudgeon reviews Godzilla Raids Again

Godzilla Raids Againaka Gojira No Gyakushû (Original Title)
81 min., 1955
Written by Takeo Murata/Shigeaki Hidaka
Directed by Motoyoshi Oda
Language: Japanese
My rating: ★

Godzilla’s first battle against another monster…SWEET! (kinda)

* * *

Two pilots, Shoichi Tsukioka (Hiroshi Koizumi) and Koji Kobayashi (Minoru Chiaki) are flying around looking for fish when Koji goes down.  Shoichi circles around to find him and informs his girlfriend, Hidemi Yamaji (Setsuko Wakayama) who also works for the company that he went down.  After a little time, he finds him and lands his plane next to his plane.  While they take a breather and wait for some help they overhear some strange “screams” that are definitely not human.  They look up and see the monster himself, Godzilla!  But he is dead, right?  Even stranger is the fact that he is fighting another monster, Anguirus (who kinda looks like an Ankylosaurus with a bunch of spikes on its back).  The two pilots get back the tell the authorities about what they saw and that’s when the panic begins.

The acting sucks!  It just sucks!  No one is taking this stuff seriously and it painfully shows.  Most are smiling when they are supposed to be terrified and even the actors that are playing Godzilla and Anguirus don’t seem to have their hearts into it.  Most of their moves are very robotic, and I understand that the suit was bulky and hard to move in, but the original suit was worse and it didn’t feel as if the movements were as clunky as this one.

That goes into the effects that, again, are worse than the original.  While the models in the first were top notch (for the most part) these look very sloppy and don’t have a sense of realism.  In the first it was really the vehicles that gave away that most of the scenes were models. This one is just the models themselves.  Leaving a whole lot to be desired.

So this is Godzilla’s first monster battle and boy is it…okay….!  Yep it’s not the best, but it is fun to watch if you’re in a goofy mood to watch men in rubber suits wrestle around (kinda like the WWE).  Again if you’re a fan of Godzilla this would be a 2 but to the average viewing audience you should stay very far away from this one.  The acting is terrible and so are the effects.  It shows its age worse than the original and it sucks because as a viewer this is what Godzilla is about, destroying towns and fighting other monsters, but this one just isn’t worth it.

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  1. Lackey says:

    What’s with the title Gigantis the Fire Monster? As far as I could figure out there was no monster named Gigantis in the movie.

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