The Drudgeon reviews The Eye 3

The Eye 3aka Gin Gwai 10 (Original Title)
85 min., 2005
Written by Danny Pang/Oxide Chun Pang/Mark Wu
Directed by Danny Pang/Oxide Chun Pang
Language: Cantonese
My rating: ★★★

A completely different turn for the series.

* * *

The movie begins with a girl (at least she looks very young) who seems to be possessed and some monks are trying to perform an exorcism (nothing like the “normal” interpretation of an exorcism by the way).  After her floating around for a little, her tongue grows long and she starts licking most of the monks their faces and then her face morphs.  Then we cut to five friends on a bus just having some fun, Cousins May (Kate Yeung) and Chong-Kwai (Ray MacDonald), boyfriend and girlfriend Kofei (Kris Gu) and April (Isabella Leong) and their friend Teddy (Wilson Chen).  They are heading to Teddy’s place where they can relax and have a good time.  While there they start to tell each other ghost stories until Teddy pulls out a book called The Ten Encounters.  The book tells that there are ten ways to be able to see ghosts and like the brilliant people that humans are they decide to try as many as they can until they end up seeing ghosts.

The acting is great.  Chong-Kwai puts in a great performance that just goes over the top, making his character a standout and very fun two watch.  My favorite scene with him is the Late Night Dinner scene with the chopsticks.  His facial expressions just make me laugh every time.  On the subject of facial expressions, Kate Yeung is just phenomenal at the use of expressions.  Everything that she is feeling and trying to get across is expressed perfectly with just the use of her face.  Plus it’s just a blast to watch the way that those two interact with each other.  They play so well off of each other that you really do think that they are related.  Just great chemistry between the entire cast.

The effects are very questionable.  I don’t know if they were going for cheesy or not.  If they were, then they nailed it on the head.  If they weren’t, then man oh man did they fail.  The effects look very low budget and, most of the time, felt very out of place.  Some of the effects were done well enough, but as a whole it just feels very…I don’t know…odd I guess is the best way to put it.  So watching this, don’t expect great effects and just enjoy the overall movie and acting.

This is a very different direction then the first two movies took.  The first being quite creepy and the second trying, but failing to scare, then this one comes along and tosses in a bunch of comedy.  At first I didn’t know how to handle it, but after a little bit and realizing that they are having fun with the movie and you aren’t supposed to take it the way they first two were meant to be taken, it was actually really fun.  There are scenes from the first two and there is actually a scene that is a complete nod to the first, which I though was just brilliant.  It had its down spots and parts that ran too long (there is actually a dance number that takes about five minutes too long), but in the end it was a fun movie and it has a great ending.

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