The Drudgeon’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Season 2 Wrap-Up

Buffy the Vampire SlayerSo season two has come to an end and what can I say?  Well, by comparison to the first season, it’s gotten better, but nothing to make me understand how it stayed on air for another season.  Most shows start off strong and turn terrible, but this one seems to be having the reverse effect.  Starting terrible and slowly getting better is just a strange way to watch a show.  Normally, if I don’t like the first season then there is no reason to continue watching.  Do I need to sludge through two or three seasons of crap just to get to the good stuff?  Fans will say YES!  I usually don’t think so and I’d just stop watching.  This is different, and I’m committed to watching the whole thing, but if I were just watching this on my own, I wouldn’t have gotten past season one.  That being said…

So the season starts with Buffy being a bitch to her friends and not telling them anything, and it ends the same way.  So there’s no change in the way of the character of Buffy.  She hasn’t grown or really changed in anyway.  Other characters seem to have grown though.  Willow was just a shy girl and now she is teaching a class and stepping beyond the normal into the realm of witchery.  I am curious where she is going to be heading.  Xander is starting to grow a pair.  In the beginning he just sat there and spouted out one liners and jokes, but he is starting to stand firm and actually tell everyone what is really going on.  He is the only one that actually “stands up” to Buffy concerning Angel while everyone else just beats around the bush.  Let’s see if he continues or just goes back to his old ways.  Giles is still Giles (overall) and Cordelia is still Cordelia (overall) with neither of them really changing much, kinda like Buffy.

The last thing is the storylines.  They seem to be getting better, but nothing to be really proud of.  The episode “Halloween” was really good with a pretty fun idea, but “Lie To Me” was just a let down with a really weak ending that it seems the writer didn’t know how to solve and picked the easy way out.  “Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered” showed off some really good acting on the part of Nicholas Brendon, with him having an angry side and not just the joke maker, but there was also Juliet Landau as Drusilla who I just couldn’t stand in any way, whose character is just pointless.

There was one minor mistake that I did notice and that’s with “Killed By Death.”  In the episode it is clearly stated that Buffy hates hospitals, but back in season one in the episode “Nightmares,” she has no problems coming and going to the hospital.  It is minor but I’ve always heard about how great Buffy was with the continuity and so far there have been a few that have sprung up.  I’m not saying that it’s worse than any other show out there, but most shows don’t have fans and writers saying that their continuity is awesome.

Good season but not great.  I am curious about season three, but not actually excited.  So here’s to hoping that the seasons keep getting better.  If it does keep up like this then season seven must be the best TV season in the history of TV…but probably not.

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  1. Lackey says:

    Most shows start off strong and turn terrible, but this one seems to be having the reverse effect.

    I disagree on this…in my experience, most shows start off middling and take at least a half a season to find their voice. They then ride high for a few seasons before declining. What I’ve heard from Buffy fans–that the show doesn’t start to get good until late S2/early S3, and jumps the shark around S6–is consistent with my experience of other series.

    The only recent exceptions I can think of are:
    Breaking Bad, started strong and has been consistently strong into the start of S4.
    Heroes, strong S1, went over a cliff with S2 and never recovered.
    Fringe, and I’m in the minority who believes that it had a strong start. The conventional wisdom is that it had a weak start and didn’t find its voice until mid-S2.

    (Keeping in mind that you and I seem to have vastly different ideas of what makes a show strong; the point at which I thought that Lost really started to take off was pretty much the same point where you checked out.)

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